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(SDG) South Africa Guild, Sorted Gaming

Sup Peeps,

Chaos here representing one of the most random and fun guilds in South Africa. We're on a recruitment drive and would love to meet some new people for random fun and misadventures!!!!!!!!

We host weekly guild missions every Tuesday and will start doing weekly Fractals as well to teach everyone the mechanics behind it.
If you're interested please feel free to give me your In game name and I will contact you when I'm online, our guild isn't only dedicated to guild wars 2 by the way. We dabble in a little bit of everything, and if you'd like to suggest a game or looking for others who jam it then we're the best place to go to.

If this deal isn't sweet enough for you then don't you worry, I have Chocolate bars to give to all new recruits in Guild wars xD!

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