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I think I came up with a way to give many of the things people are asking for without totally upending the entire game. After looking at posts and asking a few questions, I found common threads of what players want/don’t want and are afraid of happening. People want new races, new weapons, (specific) new open areas, but without power creep or having to nerf what is already being used.

As I understand it, the current “Personal Story” is one of the main reasons new most content can’t be added. If the “Personal Story” aspect of the game were restarted any new characters could begin from that point onward in the Core world. By doing this, new races could be introduced, new core professions, and possibly new weapons. In the past, this has been the reason given for not being able to introduce races or professions.

New Characters would automatically begin with a brand new story (whatever it happens to be) locking the original “Personal Story” events which deal with Lion’s Arch (which has been defended, destroyed, and rebuilt) and developing the Pact (which has little use past that story).

People are hesitant about additional Elite Specializations. Having professions train in a new core specialization would allow more options without adding a 4th specialization slot or another Elite to the mix.

People may not want more mounts but mounts with different abilities; a Skimmer that can go underwater and transform into a dolphin/turtle/shark/Nemo/Octopus/submarine; the Raptor interrupts and pushes away instead of pulls inward; a roller beetle that lays down a line of fire/ice/spikes/a rift in the mist; griffons that grab foes and drop them from a height; etc.

There has been a lot of chat about bringing the land spear to GW2. This could be a stabby weapon or thrown. Bolas, or a lasso, could be thrown to choke/ensnare/trip/slow foes.

I know it won’t happen, but I can still dream.

"That's what" -- She


  • If you already know it won't happen then you probably know story is hardly the reason we aren't getting any of that.

    It's money and time.

  • For most soldiers throughout history, swords were the backup weapon and their primary weapon was the spear.

    It's sort of weird that such a basic and important battlefield weapon in history is absent from general play.

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