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[NA][FC] New Guild [WU] Looking for Everybody~

Wu Sun is North American based guild with a majority of our leaders based in PST. Two of our leaders have been around for years, taking extended breaks from the game to come back with a vengeance now. We are looking for every level of player who wants to be part of a guild, people to play with and to socialize with. No representation is required, however we want people to be active and participate.

Primarily we are PvE -- Guild Missions, Dungeon Runs, Raid, Fractals -- but we plan to branch out into PvP and WvW as we grow and get players with interest. Basically, anything you want to do, we're down for. We're a group-driven guild with a focus on making members' GW2 experience fun. Vets and newbies welcome. We would love for you you to come be part of our new community.

Most of our group typically plays late at night and on weekends. If this sounds like fun for you send one of our leaders some mail or hit us up in chat.

Link | GW2: Link.3089
Evil Salmon | GW2: Evil Salmon.5704
Sprizard | GW2: Sprizard.5684


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