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Custom Playlists Broken??

Hey all. I'm a returning player. It's been about 5 years since I last played, so it's quite a while. Last time I played, my custom playlists were fully functional and I had no issues getting them to play in game. However, they no longer seem to be working. I followed the wiki-steps here and tried both Windows Media player and then switched to VLC and tried recreating the playlists there.

I've edited the filepaths using notepad, changed file locations... like, I've tried everything I can find on the internet to get this to work with no avail. My boyfriend has it working on his end and I did all the EXACT steps he took and it's not working for me. My playlists are m3u. My files are mp3. They're named correctly without weird characters and such and I even have the silent mp3 files. What am I doing wrong? I've tried Main Menu, City, Underwater just to test and none of them work.

I've seen multiple reports across other forums that as of 5/xx/19 custom playlists are no longer working but... again- boyfriend sitting right next me has his working just fine and yet I cannot get the same results. I'm on Windows 10 and he's on Windows 7. Please tell me it's not yet another Windows 10 blunder... I'm fed up with the OS as is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Every few months I give it a try. Remember what I tried in the previous attempts. Creating playlists as dumb and simple as possible, no special signs, no special letters, no capital letters, no spaces. I even create MP3 files which are named with a single letter, playlists similar. Empty tags, simple tags, detailed tags. It is just not working. Following the advices on the wiki does not help either.

    I know certain people have it working 100 %. But I cannot. Also looking for advice. Thanks for bringing up the topic.

    [EDIT] Just tried again for an hour. The only result I get: it plays no music at all. I test with Defeated.

  • I'm kinda glad it's not just me, but also not? Hoping someone has some advice here.

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    Need some details of what you have setup. However it should be for the path:
    C:\Users[Your Name]\Documents\Guild Wars 2\music

    Make sure you have new line if you were only testing with 1 song in the playlist or else it won't play anything. If you have 2 songs the last song won't play if you don't have a new line after the last entry. In other words press enter after you add a song entry.

    If the file is in the music folder either entry below would work for the song in the m3u playlist file. Of course you can choose the absolute path of where your music is stored. I like to put it in my gw2 music folder. Just test with MainMenu , it should work.

    C:\Users[Your Name]\Documents\Guild Wars 2\music\boomboom.mp3

    You need to log in/log out when you add a song for it to take effect. Hope that helps.

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    Thank you for your post~ Unfortunately for me, this is something I've already tried. My game is not routed to my C drive as for my laptop that's a rather overcrowded SSD. I've routed all files successfully to my D drive as it has the 1TB of space on it I needed. I DID, however, try moving the music files to that exact path you listed just to see if it was a routing issue but that didn't work. I also tried recreating the exact path using the D drive (each time changing the required path in notepad for the playlists) to no avail. It's why I don't understand why it isn't working. As I said before, I've had this working successfully in the past, but after returning from my hiatus (as well as on a new laptop) it no longer wants to function for me no matter what I try.

    Thank you for the attempt but unfortunately, that's not it for me! Still seeking help, if anyone is aware. I've submitted a ticket in the meantime but I imagine it will be some time before I hear back.

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    That's unfortunate. I also install gw2 on a different drive, but I can't recall if I just moved it there or re-installed it there. The two common reasons is the path for the m3u or mp3 the game is looking for is not correct or the audio file(I actually had a wmv I named mp3 before and kept wondering why it did not work) is not supported. Or in my case, in the m3u playlist, I did not have a new line after the song, as I was just testing one mp3 in the m3u playlist.

    Sounds like you are tech savvy and just to confirm, and support is probably going to ask these questions.

    1. The m3u playlist is in C:\Users[Your Name]\Documents\Guild Wars 2\music folder(Default for me, may be different depending on installation).
    2. There's a new line after the mp3 filename in the m3u playlist.
  • I put in a ticket Thursday and still haven't heard back. I tried the new line thing but it's still not working. I guess I'm just SOL. lol

    I appreciate the attempted help. I'm sure it's something that DID help but there's, unfortunately, a bigger problem stopping it from playing. That probably would have been my next hurdle, knowing about the line thing as I never see it mentioned anywhere.

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    Annnnd problem solved by something unbelievably stupid simple.

    I decided I could try and figure out where the game is routing my music since I changed my install directory. It was in none of the places I thought it would be. Since the screenshot folder is in the same folder as music I just logged in, took a screenshot and followed the path it tells you in chat when you take one. Sure enough, my path was simply:
    D :\Guild Wars 2

    ... it made the screenshot folder for me, so I just dumped all of my music in there, fixed the paths with notepad and tested. Sure enough, it's working. Hope this helps anyone else who doesn't have GW2 installed in the default location. lol

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    Nice and good find. I edited my previous post to not confuse anyone looking for the fix and I meant I installed gw2 in a different drive and not folder previously. This also confirms, I actually just dragged and copied whole gw2 game over to D drive, meaning my old paths for the screenshot/gw2 folder for the custom playlist would still be in my C drive while my game was on my D drive.

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