[MOO]"How to Train Your Dolyak",Small,Friendly, Casual, Active Guild is Recruiting !! — Guild Wars 2 Forums

[MOO]"How to Train Your Dolyak",Small,Friendly, Casual, Active Guild is Recruiting !!

[EU] "How to Train your Dolyak" ,Small, Friendly, Casual, Active Guild!

We welcome ANYONE who wanna join our family of Dolyaks !

•A small taste of how we spend our time•
-Weekly guild missions (every Wednesday and Sunday)

-Guild Special Events : •Map Stampede every Friday, •Various fun events every Saturday

-Seasonal events and competitions

(also raid runs/trainings at some point)

Being Friendly and Polite to your Fellow Dolyaks

We encourage Dolyaks to represent our Guild

We also would like you to take part in most of our Guild Missions, Events and Activities (we do not force members to do so)

Active Moos, meaning you wont be away for weeks (unless explained ofcourse)

•We have a Dolyak DISCORD as our main mean of communication,where we post everything you need to know about missions, events, have a talk and get to know each other ! We also have a STEAM group so we can enjoy more games together ^_^

-The server is Aurora glade (if u are interested in WvW)

-Guild Hall: Gilded Hollow

If you are friendly,social,active, newbie or veteran and wanna join, Mail Dolyak : Tsi.7235


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