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[KING] Legendary Kings Of Tyria

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Looking for new recruits. Can be new or veteran players.

Looking for a fun new chill guild? Casual I might add. Friendly helpful people?

A guild that is growing? Look no further KING is recruiting.

Right now our primary focus is WvW. This will change as we grow and then once we have a enough people we will focus on PvE / Open World such as fractals and raids, followed by PvP.

Our goal, our mission is to enjoy all this game has to offer and get the community involved as the game grows. Keep that positive attitude.

Help players enjoy the game modes, the lore, the story. Learn and have fun with each other. Go on adventures with your guild mates. This is our goal.

For now we are WvW, however more and more are starting to do PvE. We will be doing other game modes soon as we grow and become bigger.

If you would like an invite to our guild, and want to have fun, and experience what this game has to offer and be casual and play with your guildies and your friends. That's what KING is all about.

Location:- NA

Server:- Sea Of Sorrows

Times: PST, however we've been on OCX, SEA times as well as we have guildies all over the world.

Game Mode: WvW, PvE, PvP

We have a Discord server as well for voice comms.

Message me for a invite and complete details. Thanks again for your time.

Happy gaming. Game on...

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