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LFG - NA : CASUAL : PVE : Timezone Australia

I am looking for a smaller but active guild as I don't like huge groups of people. I have had negative experiences in the past with Discord, so until I feel comfortable joining a group and chatting I would need a Guild prepared to communicate at least to some extent in game. This is particularly important during guild events.

  • I have only been playing for about 3 months so am fairly new to the game.
  • Main Necro/Scourge
  • No interest in any PvP content
  • Interested in fractals and dungeons in future but not always able to commit big chunks of time
  • A little organisation would be nice. I hate joining the group for something at x time and spending 30 minutes or more sitting around.
  • Play lots of Open World - metas, bosses, achievements, unlocks
  • Have HoT & PoF
  • Recently bought all LWS on sale and am working through these
  • Would like a casual group not so much in terms of gameplay but of outlook. People who don't take everything in game super serious
  • Guild does not have to be primarily Australian but an Aussie guild would also be nice
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