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Which HoT Profession Would You Nerf?

Thundabolt.8541Thundabolt.8541 Member ✭✭✭

Again, for sheer curiosity, which profession released in HoT do you feel sits too highly above the rest of the classes, and why? What would you personally change about it?

For me, it's going to have to be Dragonhunter. I still to this day occasionally find myself being insta-downed by invisible traps. Plus longbow 5 lasts far too long. If you get caught in that, and your escape skills are on CD, you become nothing more than a slab of meat set out for the wolves to devour.

Which HoT Profession Would You Nerf? 53 votes

Ravezaar.4951Fueki.4753Klark.6239Frenjo.9587 4 votes
Biermeister.4678 1 vote
EremiteAngel.9765aceofbass.2163SexyMofo.8923 3 votes
KeyOrion.9506Nordic Natedog.4360 2 votes
Justine.6351InfernoCrossing.8063Etterwyn.5263Xion.5694AbdulrahmanSnake.9603Regh.8649Oette.6098Engal.6359 8 votes
Chaba.5410Turk.5460Elmo Benchwarmer.3025zinkz.7045Sevans.4619ParadoX.3124steki.1478Widmo.3186RedShark.9548BrunoT.2936vPumpkinG.5731Maggi.6325knite.1542blazefm.1693Doug.4930TrollingDemigod.3041Exzen.2976 17 votes
Vlad Morbius.1759SpellOfIniquity.1780Axl.8924Zero.3871Thundabolt.8541Acheron.4731reddie.5861Adamsdjr.1350Pokyful.8295Greyjoy.5167 10 votes
linamaria.1830Etaoin.4362ZeteCommander.4937Nath Forge Tempete.1645studark.5917alain.1659Clic Clik.1489SeikeNz.3526 8 votes


  • Justine.6351Justine.6351 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 13, 2019


    I voted chrono because the thought of it struck me as funny.

    Anet buff me :-(
    Make me good at game!

  • Doug.4930Doug.4930 Member ✭✭✭

    Certainly don't think it should be nerfed. But I'd say herald is definitely in the best spot out of all the other HoT specs presently. When played very well it can stand up to some of the meta builds from PoF.

  • RedShark.9548RedShark.9548 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 13, 2019

    Herald is in the best spot right now and i basically NEVER see someone without it (whose doing good)
    They aaaall use glint.

    Ps. And thief, because i hate every single thief spec.

  • none
    hot classes are great balanced :)

  • Non of those

  • Tempest

    Now ask the question on Pof builds

  • Raknar.4735Raknar.4735 Member ✭✭✭

    I wouldn't nerf any HoT spec. Compared to the PoF specs they are tame.
    The only HoT spec that sticks out is herald, because renegade isn't really used in PvP / WvW as the class mechanics aren't suitable for PvP, so most revenants run herald.

  • Chronomancer

    Chrono. Because it's Chrono.

    WvW™ - where you find more Red Rings of Death than an Xbox repair facility.

  • Liston.9708Liston.9708 Member ✭✭✭

    POF scourge

  • Fueki.4753Fueki.4753 Member ✭✭✭

    If any one, I'd choose power Berserker, but only if they return the regular burst skills.

    But I think HoT Elite Specs are mostly fine at the moment, unlike PoF ones.

  • Engal.6359Engal.6359 Member ✭✭✭


    Have ppl ever not hated mesmer?

  • Tukaram.8256Tukaram.8256 Member ✭✭✭

    None. :/ Why are people always asking for nerfing? Then, when there is a nerf, all we see are complaints...

  • Might want to put WvW in the title.

    Herald is basically the only one that stands out, not scrapper. 10 man permaboons even if they're stripped is quite strong : maybe the interval can be adjusted so that boon removal is more effective. CoR will still do more damage than most eles will , as will phase smash and drop the hammer. Rite of the Great Dwarf from the Retribution traitline also happens to have a nonremovable damage reduction that works against all power damage and the colloquial stone road is getting quicker cast time.

    Scrapper was already slated for antitoxin rune nerf as well as stealth gyro cooldown increase. Unless they are able to camp hammer and still provide heals without minstrel I don't see anything broken (there's a tradeoff of using med kit and also using minstrel's). Against mainly power damage it relies on boons from herald revenants and firebrands for the med kit heal (which is mostly auxiliary healing with pulses or regen rather than a large burst heal) ; super elixir & elixir shell are both pulsed heals.

    Chrono is basically irrelevant in WvW now unless you run scepter because of clone reliance for shatters (which no longer have access to party stability). Signet of inspiration simply lengthens boons now, there's no copying ; gravity well doesn't outdo DH hunter's ward that much. Renegades pump out alacrity better while moving ; scrapper's stealth gyro is preferred over mass invis due to smoke field.

  • Didn't most of them get nerfed recently? Druid, Chrono, Scrapper, Daredevil all got changes which were nerfs. Reaper and Berserker got buffs (I think it was a buff?) But neither feel out of balance, neither does Dragon Hunter, Herald, or Tempest.

    So I would not need any of them

  • Dragonhunter

    Chrono is weak and bad. Dunno how it got voted so hard.

  • Dragonhunter

    As a core Necro/Reaper main, I'm enjoying these threads, lol. Good to see people either supporting my favorite specs or at least not wanting them butchered :D.

    💎 [HUNT] [IH] [JEEP] | Necromancer, Engineer, Revenant | Maguuma | Diamond Legend 💎

  • Fueki.4753Fueki.4753 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 19, 2019

    @SpellOfIniquity.1780 said:
    As a core Necro/Reaper main, I'm enjoying these threads, lol. Good to see people either supporting my favorite specs or at least not wanting them butchered :D.

    Is there anything on Necromancer left to butcher, aside from Scourge?

  • Dragonhunter

    @Fueki.4753 said:

    @SpellOfIniquity.1780 said:
    As a core Necro/Reaper main, I'm enjoying these threads, lol. Good to see people either supporting my favorite specs or at least not wanting them butchered :D.

    Is there anything on Necromancer left to butcher, aside from Scourge?

    I think Necro and Reaper are in a pretty good place myself. Though core Necro still has many of the weaknesses it's always had, some of the buffs it's gotten have made it a lot more viable in small scale or 1v1's.

    Speaking from a zerging perspective, yeah, both are pretty mediocre. Reaper can offer some solid cleave and otherwise good melee train support, but core has basically nothing. In terms of 1v1 or small scale though, both are actually quite good now. I don't think either are over or under performing so, I'm just happy to see these threads seem to confirm that.

    💎 [HUNT] [IH] [JEEP] | Necromancer, Engineer, Revenant | Maguuma | Diamond Legend 💎

  • Don't know what's so broken about Dragonhunter in WvW? Other than Hunter's ward seemingly ignoring stability I haven't seen anything noteworthy.

    Big Game Hunter's damage bonus only applies to one target and it's blatantly obvious if you're "marked" so to speak.

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