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[Liar] Longtime Guild looking for friendly players. 10 Years active


[Liar] was originally founded as a GW1 guild with a 10 year history and we are now expanding our roster for GW2 on the North America servers. We are looking for friendly, teamwork-oriented gamers, ages 17 and up. We are a diverse group that strives to be inclusive of women, LGBT people, people with disabilities and people of all ethnic backgrounds.


[Liar] seeks to create an open, social environment where people can play together and enjoy anything cooperative gaming has to offer, especially in Guild Wars 2. We seek active, genial people interested in meeting and playing with others rather than recruiting based on experience or hours played. We recruit from all stages of gaming experience including people playing through the game for the first time to those seeking advanced content. Whether you are new to the game, a gaming veteran, or returning from a break, you'll find a helpful guild at [Liar] dedicated to improving your social gaming experience.


*Fractals at all Levels


*PvP Dailies


*Living Story and Current Event Achievements




Our guild is centered around voice chat. We are not one of those guilds that has dozens of people in a channel, but we encourage everyone to come on and chat with each other from time to time. Please have Discord installed and make sure it is working before applying. Please visit our http://discord.gg/rvENckg


Visit our website at http://liarscheatsandthieves.org/ and click the "Apply Here!" button on the left to fill out the application.

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