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Amulet - Wizard vs. Swashbuck ?

Has anyone whs still playing pvp tried core build with the swashbuckler amulet instead of classic wizard/carrion ?

I mean for core you almost dont lose any condition damage but you get same dmg as a paladins so youre able to ditch the scepter and take axe or dagger...


  • The reason why I would not go for swashbuckler is because if you're going for hybrid core, you will surely take curses so get the minor gm trait "target the weak" which compensate for the lack of precision, infact if you're playing hybrid that lost precision is not really gonna be a problem since u get 2% crit chance for each condi on your enemy and you really get a lot more condi dmg.
    Wizard imho is best option for hybrid, infact if you wanna use dagger you might aswell go for demolisher otherwise you're damage is too low.
    Here's my hibrid/fear wizard build
    Here's my power core

  • Flumek.9043Flumek.9043 Member ✭✭✭

    Yea i never touched other than wizard till now.

    The logic i saw was that with the precision conversion + lynx runes and everything, the terror went from 1000 to 800 dmg. Which is the only condi I really care about, the RNG of dodges corrupts plays bigger part in outcome anyway. Ive played with axe instead of dagger and it seems better....

    Idk it just feels u get more ooomph from precision and control from staff. (40% LF on start and the martyr engine...)

  • Well if the objective is to really care only about terror as condi that would make some sense, but honestly I don't get why limit yourself there since you're already low armor and partially invested in condis you might aswell go full hybrid to maximize damage. Idk it's just my opinion, i generally go full power, full condi or hybrid but with everything.

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