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Grimus.9130Grimus.9130 Member
edited October 8, 2017 in PVP

Guild Missions are Fun! I really enjoy these events. However, the current structure is needing some major fixes. Example every Mission is on a set timer (That you cannot start the mission after a PVP match as started, or it does not count) This to me this is very pointless . Why would our Mission time start while we're in a Que? I feel that the timer should only start while you're in a ACTUAL pvp match.
Currently we're doing a Strong hold Guild mission, that requires our guild to summon 8 Hero's in the time allowed. It doesn't sound like much, but it is when our allotted is 40 mins, and our average Que times are around 5 mins. We could obviously do this mission if we had more people. Its honestly not that difficult, but I strongly disagree with the idea of a QUE time being a road block to the players success.
My idea for a solution is to Make a Time Pool for the Guild mission. And whenever players begin the match the run time of that match they're in takes away from the Time Pool. I've love to hear any other ideas you guys may have about this. THanks!


  • Lestat.7056Lestat.7056 Member ✭✭

    I agree 100% with you, we had the exact same problem, even the same exact mission xd we could do it finally when we tried it with 2 teams :/ (one with 4 members and the other with 3)

  • FIX LOSING PVP GUILD TIME IN QUEUES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!