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[NA][PvX][Casual][SBI] Inevitable Existence [InEx] New Guild Looking for Friends!

[InEx] is a brand new guild created by a close group of friends. We've stuck together through various MMOs the last 7 years and we're looking to settle more permanently into Guild Wars 2. We're looking for friendly, new and old, casual players, 17+ to create a family with. We're hoping to delve into all aspects of the game at some point as we progress together.

[InEx] does not have expectations of being the best, being online a certain amount of time, or having any sort of required meta characters or builds. Our only goal is to be able to enjoy all avenues the game has the offer being, WvW, Fractals, Dungeons, or any sort of PvE content. Our main focus at this time will be individual improvements for our members (such as gear or necessary events) and leveling the guild itself to unlock more rewards for our family.

Content We'll Strive For
* Fractals
* WvW
* World Events
* Dungeons
* Guild Missions
* Raids in the future

Member Expectations
Being a guild leader before, my expectations have always had some core policies. I've always believed in a more "warm welcome" kind of experience. With that being said, I expect the following from our new friends:

  • Respect fellow guild members and players. Treat others the way you would want to be treated.
  • No politics/drama/racism/any sort of controversial topics. We're here to relax and have fun!
  • Representation of our guild (wearing the tag) is only required if you are participating in activities with us.
  • Use of our discord (coming soon) if you participate in bigger events with us. (We understand that voice chat is not do-able due to real life sometimes and we will make exceptions).
  • Respect for instructions from officers giving instructions for events, raids, etc.

How to Join
If Inevitable Existence sounds like the place for you, please do not hesitate to message me either here or in game Lady Jenfais (Jenfais.3012). I will pass out details for the Discord once you have joined.

You may also contact:
Val Grantz (Vice Commander)
Shalamayne Arms (Vice Commander)

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