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Sand Savant "1 In The Chamber" WvW only change suggestion.

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It is safe to say the new Sand Savant... is about the opposite of what we asked for. I understand what the team was trying to do and I even agree with the damage happens at your feet or at your shade not both. But making it now hit 10 people will just make the good WvW guilds better and the pugs worse. Now 50 people will die instantly instead of 25.
My suggestion to fix this is for Sand Savant to only give you 1 Shade in the chamber. But! reduce the recharge from 30 seconds to 15. So you have 1 Shade on a 15 second timer and it last 15 seconds. So the instant it disappears you can cast it again. This make it where Pirate shipping with it is still going to be very effective but once you use that 1 Shade you have to wait 15 seconds to move it again or be able to cast Shroud skills at your feet. Keeping it as a 3 Shade load out is just going to be too strong. This way it is an actual decision of "Do I want to be able to bomb 10 players every 15 seconds? Or do I want to have 3 shades that hit 5 each?" Both will be strong and viable but it will be determined by play style/preference.

Also keep in mind this would be a WvW only change just like the increase in Cool down on the current Sand Savant. I know this would be a huge nerf in PvE.

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