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Rate raids in terms of difficulty



  • Wisty.4135Wisty.4135 Member ✭✭✭

    Base raids (non cm) I'd rate like this from easiest to hardest.


      • final bosses are a notable difficulty spike for these raids. Otherwise the raids themselves are pretty self-consistent in terms of difficulty. Wing 2 has the notable issue of Sloth being the hardest boss due to the role coordination required (IMO, Matty G is cake if you don't drop poisons on group).

    Wing 5 takes the cake for me as hardest, due to statues and dhuum specifically, but SH can also stomp a new/semi experienced group if they're not careful.

    Overall, though, I'd say raids are worth it and actually quite fun once you get the flow of them down. Don't give up!

  • DirtyDan.4759DirtyDan.4759 Member ✭✭✭
    edited April 27, 2020

    @Tirexa.9648 said:

    W7 air: 7 --- CM: 8.5

    Please explain this one. Sabir is one the easiest bosses. Basicly nothing happens during the the first 100-40% and after that it's just annoying adds spawning on the outside to which one player has to use SAK to and then just kill. The shockwave has a huge telegraph and the coordinated cc just needs one guy to spam something so everyone knows when to do it.The cm literally gets completely removed by bringing one scourge for epi.