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So this latest update has been quite fun for me, in particular the Char band 'Metal Legion'. I grew up listening to rock n' roll and metal music (although I do appreciate ALL genres, when done well), love going to gigs when I can still and love all the amazing people I've met because of that. This current content in-game has inspired me to make my 20th character (yes I'm a little crazy ;) ) and my first Charr (made a few in the past but never really liked them, so they got deleted). I decided to make him an Engineer....... as in Sound Engineer :p He likes to think he can sing as well (he definitely can not) and attempts to play bass occasionally. But basically he just loves making noise, drinking and having a good time. The engineer's skill-set including bombs/grenades etc. just happens to fit in there too. haha Going to level it up slowly rather than using all the Tomes I have so I can really get into the mindset of the character.

No real point to this post of course, just figured I'd share what I've been inspired to do and if people get a giggle out of it, bonus. :) This IS a game after all. Let's have fun! =)

Also, feel free to add suggestions for armour/outfits to match. Always happy to hear what others think.