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is there any scourge + Minion build?

JUN YANG.4328JUN YANG.4328 Member ✭✭
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Hi guys

currently i am using reaper minion build for my necro. its kind of strong. buy using PTV and PPF gear (switch in different situation). ( mainly for PVE, open world,meta,dungeon etc)
just wondering what if i change to scourger instead of reaper. by using condition build. TVC gear
minion do the normal damage. ( as i know minions damage wont effect by gear ). use blood fiend, bone fiend, bone minions,flesh goldem.
it do sacrifice "risel" to given more health on minion and toughness for ( Flesh of the Master)
but had condition out put for my own is it better.
just one more thing is scourge cant able to transform and have additional health? Thanks


  • Anchoku.8142Anchoku.8142 Member ✭✭✭✭

    You can do Scourge + minions in open world PvE and have 3 options: Power-Scourge running axe and MH dagger, condi-Scourge using scepter-torch and staff, or a barrier-share version where you modify power or condi builds to provide barrier and heals to minions.

    All will work in open world PvE.

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