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Art Commissions for Gold

Destinypath.2105Destinypath.2105 Member ✭✭
edited September 27, 2019 in Community Creations

Hello there! Decided to try and see if anybody was interested in my art in exchange for gold, as I have seen some others do.... I have a very cartoony style although I can draw semi more serious looking critters here and there.
I can draw humans, animals, monsters, furries, whatever floats your boat. Just lemme know!
No idea on what a fair price would be. I can either do a bust/headshot or a fullbody-- I typically charge $7-15 depending on specifics so whatever that translates to in gold I guess?



  • Destinypath.2105Destinypath.2105 Member ✭✭
    edited September 27, 2019

    Sorry I messed up on the links :( Those should have been the images but I goofed. Will try to fix that as soon as I'm on my PC.
    Edit: fixed!

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