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Auris Weirdbringer Brought The Weird Again [SPOILERS WITHIN]

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Alright, so Auris Weirdbringer is a Charr. Specifically, he's the Charr at the center of the rift side story from 2016.

Auris lives up to his name almost immediately, because all of his dialogue seems unrelated to what you've said to him. Reading it backwards, however, makes far more sense. Eerily, this suggests that while you are traveling forward in time, Auris himself is traveling backward in it. When you think you're at the beginning of your conversation with him, you're actually at the end from his perspective. This is important to remember for later.

When you do that side story, you wind up crafting and owning a Class II Rift Stabilizer. If you didn't throw it into the abyss or lose it in your massive inventory, I suggest you take it to Grothmar Valley, the newest map released with the Living World Season 5 Prologue.

Once you get to the map, head over to the Lower Blood Keep. Do you know who's waiting for you there? It's ya boy, Auris Weirdbringer. His dialogue is strange again, and he seems not to know you despite the side story you completed with him. After speaking to him, equip your Class II Rift Stabilizer and step inside the broken tech hoop next to Auris.

Immediately a dialogue box opens where your Commander is frantically telling Auris that the stabilizer has activated and is stuck on the numbers nine and seven. Ninety-Seven. Auris demands that you stop what you're doing, and you explain that you're not doing anything. The machinery around your character begins to spark and glow and, if you stand there for about a minute, the frequency of the disruptions accelerates until a rift opens over Auris and devours him.

Given that Auris seems to recognize you at the end of your first conversation with him in 2016 yet have no idea who you are in 2019, I theorize that this easter egg is a closed loop and the origin of the 2016 side story. Auris was messing with rifts and has been locked into an endless backward loop. After he vanishes from the map, it is likely he re-emerges back in 2016, waiting for you to arrive.



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    superb discover.

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    It’s a specific time limit for the rift related to a number Aurus mentions in our first meeting. Is it 97 or something?

    It was explained in a thread just after the prologue release - I’ll try and dig it out


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    My thory is that the end of Auris Timeline is chaos. If the whole timeline is inverted, he will never meet elder dragons, mordry is still sleeping, and at a specific time, Scarlet is born, LA is attacked but since it's backward, us the commander instead of appearing before her, we appear after her. When you think about that it changes a lot of things.
    97, everything is about it, 9.7 cooldown, 97 seconds before teleporting around in gillscale pond.

    Strange thing through: Whereas Class I, II, III, IV rift stabilizer show a watch with a clock hand on 9 hours, class V show a clock hand on 7 hours.
    So I imagine, 97 becoming 79, reestablishing the space time.
    Also, originally, class I= 13 locations, class II= 169 locations but only 54 available. class III theory= 2197 locations , class IV = 28561 locations, class V = 371293 locations
    If the same ratio is kept, it means 702, 9128, 118662. But I don't think they would create that amount of locations, maybe the classes mean something else.

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