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Future sand shade suggestion

"This change leans into the dependence a scourge has on their unique elite specialization mechanic, shades, and opens up the specialization to future potential improvements across its kit."
I don't know what Anet plan to do in the future, please don't make it worse.
However I really love old version.

Ok about my suggestion follow the new sand shade I think 3 choice for future update.
1. Considerably reduce recharge Manifest Sand Shade (f1).
2. Moderate reduce recharge Manifest Sand Shade (f1) and when active Shade (f2-f5) the present will destroy.
3. When you place all of your Manifest Sand Shade (f1) you can cast again to call all of sand shade back to you (like Dessicate) and reduce recharge up to 20% per Shade you call back

what do you guys think?


  • Dadnir.5038Dadnir.5038 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I think they won't touch on sand shades skills and focus on the traits after that, it's higly possible granted ANet history that they will even try to tweak core necro to see if they can salvage the situation instead of doing meaningfull change.

    At the moment, granted that they will most likely not revert the shade thing, the scourge have:

    • 3 "problematics" traits that were indirectly nerfed by this change (sand sage, blood as sand and sadistic searing).
    • It's also pretty safe to assume that the complaints of the players will continue to focus on the same thing (sand savant and barrier).
    • The necromancer community will stress out the loss of survivability of the scourge in small scale fight as well as the loss of QoL for dps builds.

    We thus have to look for something that is vaguely related to what I listed and will make thing globally worse.

    Ok, I'll place my bet on ANet replacing F1 power damage by some life siphon. Simple and effective, it will reduce the damage output of the power scourge (limiting a bit the area denial in WvW zerg) while giving some sustain to compensate for the loss of defense due to the change to shades mechanism. This would be another smart change, not wise but smart.

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