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RAM usage after Windows 10 update build 1903

Before this Windows update GW2 used 11GB+ of RAM. Now after update it's locked to 8GB of RAM it seems - which makes the game stutter much more often.


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    What are you doing that GW2 takes so much RAM? I thought, when it's usind 6GB from my 16GB that it would be way too much. But 11+??

    I'm playing on 1440p, with ReShade and like five filters.

    Was I able to help you or give you a hint? Click on Helpful and/or Thumbs up, I would appreciate it alot!
    When you encounter a bug ingame, at first you should file a ticket via the ingame command /bug, as only this way the devs will know exactly where you were, when the bug happened.

  • If a program has to use more than 8GB of ram but it's not programmed in then it will do it using page-file I think. So letting your game use more than 8GB of ram should be a good thing (if it has to). I think I figured it out. I think I didn't uninstall dx912pxy and that's why it was using more than 8GB of ram. Now after installing dx912pxy again, GW2 uses 11GB of ram again and the game runs much smoother.

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