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Ryzen 3000 and different RAM speed/timings performance impact on GW2?

Hey, i'll be upgrading my system soon (i7 4790k + 1600 CL11) to a Ryzen 3700x + 3200 CL14 RAM and i'm wondering if anyone has done any testing on how much of a difference both the frequency and timings on the RAM can actually make on GW2.

I play 1080p 60hz so i'm more interested on the min/0.1%/1% numbers than max fps, obviously, most benchmarks i see are done with newer gamings that are more GPU-dependent, while GW2 is definitely more CPU bound, searched a bit and some people reported a noticeable increase with either higher frequency, lower/tighter timings, or both of those, i'm just curious to know if anyone has done more extensive/conclusive testing or can provide any feedback regarding that.

It shouldn't make a huge difference for Intel processors but it's well known that Ryzen performance increases noticeably with better RAM, i also have to research more about the Infinity Fabric feature.

Have never OC'd RAM myself but should get the new parts in a few days, hopefully i can learn a bit and mess around with both the frequency and timings and find a stable/reliable environment that i can test FPS numbers and provide some information on this topic for those who might be interested as well.


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    3600 CL16 16-16-16-36 (Samsung B-die) has been the recommendation by AMD unless your CPU can do 1900 FCLK or 3600C14 then you can buy GSkill's expensive 3800 MHz CL14 kits unless you plan to manually overclock Micron E-die or something like that. There's also 3600C14 14-15-15-35 but you likely need to fiddle with GearDownMode due to the uneven timings.


    You're probably better off with core affinity to avoid jumping CCX unless you run d9vk to make use of even more threads.

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    I am using a 3800x with 3600 MHz (oc from 3200 MHz) CL 16 Corsair Dominator Platinums (Hynix CLF), the 3700x and 3800x only support a fclk of 1800mhz (double rate so is in sync with RAM).
    I use a 144 hz monitor, and often get 120+ FPS with a GTX 1080ti and using DX12Mod. If I lock it to 60 the framerate is completely rock solid even in WvW when the model limit is medium and the model quality is max.

    Edit: fclk limit is 1800MHz not 1600MHz, it is not worth de-syncing the clock as you have to really fine tune all your timings to makeup for the ratio loss.

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    Edit: fclk limit is 1800MHz not 1600MHz, it is not worth de-syncing the clock as you have to really fine tune all your timings to makeup for the ratio loss.

    Fclk max is 1900Mhz but may require manual setting as some motherboards Auto options switch to dividers other than 1:1.

    To answer BRNBRITO.9624 question if your planning on buying 3200Mhz C14 then its going to be Samsung B-Die. In which case you should have no problem reaching 3600MHz C16 (amd recommended settings) or even 3800Mhz C16. So you shouldn't need to worry about your RAM.

    Im currently running a Ryzen 9 3900X with 2x 16GB 3200Mhz C14 Kit. After using the Ryzen Calculator version (1.6.2 doesnt seem to work for me) I manually input all the timings and easily achieved 3800MHz 16-16-16-32

  • Got everything today and set it up and i'm actually just amazed and not actually understanding what's going on, i expected something like10-15% more performance but it feels like >50% for some reason.

    Just running everything out of the box (B450M Steel Legend, Bios 2.10) and at 50% CPU (windows settings) the CPU stays around 0.92v, 44c and 2.2 GHz clock and it's giving me pretty much the same performance of my i7 4790k @4-4.4GHz.

    Setting to 100% CPU it peaked at 64c playing GW for a bit and voltage around 1.4-1.5v, cores hitting 4.4 GHz, and with model limit/quality on highest i was getting stable >60FPS even on really crowded places when my i7 4790k would kitten itself a bit if i dared put it on low/medium.

    Also i actually got sniped on those B-die 3200 CL14 sticks and got Micron E-die Crucial 3000 CL15 instead, pretty cheap and great performance, should OC well too but haven't messed with anything yet.

    Really can't understand how a 3700x at 2.2GHz is giving me same performance of my 4790k at 4.2GHz.

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