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Artwork of Woodhaven tower

Hello peeps,
My cousin is getting married with a woman he met on top of Woodhaven tower (in game) and Guild Wars 2 is a big part of their relationship. As a wedding gift I would like to give them a print of this tower or maybe a panorama of what you see from the tower. Looking at the prints that are for sale, I haven't seen one that shows this vista. Is there maybe a chance an artist still has an artwork of this place that I could buy? I would really like to give them a meaningful present.


  • Sir Alric.5078Sir Alric.5078 Member ✭✭✭

    What a beautiful story. Maybe you can take a screenshot yourself and then print a giant version of it or something? As long as you don't plan to sell it to the guests at the marriage cerimony to make money, i don't think Anet would mind.

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