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Looking for Guild

Greetings, I am looking for a guild that has fractal and raiding opportunities. I had to leave the game on a few month hiatus, and when I returned my previous guild had moved to a different game. A little about myself, I play a DH, I have multiple full ascended sets on said character. All of my builds are qT meta builds and gear. I have all current builds for guardian, including condition firebrand. I have 4000+ hours on this character. I believe that I am level 99 in fractals, and I have experience raiding up to Xera. I was gone when they introduced the Bastion of the Penitent, so I have zero experience in this wing. I am max level 257 with all the masteries completed including all the new PoF masteries. With all of the technical stuff out of the way, I am a very social person, and I am very active in discord. Even without being in a guild I still keep in contact with a ton of folks. I play on average 12 hours a day, and I miss the feeling of camaraderie, and just having a place to call home. I am looking for a place that I can have some fun, and have like minded people to play along side of. I appreciate anyone that takes the time to read this.

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