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Getting back, maybe. Dipping my toe in the waters first.

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I'm currently logging on daily on BFA/WOW for the rep grind to get flying as well as pearls for better gear (although I sometimes think it would be easier to just pay gold for 1-2 heroic/m10 stacked armor runs and suddenly I'm ~430,.. but then what am I playing for anymore). I'm not very interested anymore in raiding or pugging in general and I don't have close friends in the game. Soloing only gets me "so" far and the resetting every expansion of gear and progression and scrapping of new power systems (legendaries, azerite armor, soon probably necklace) all the time just makes me frustrated having to reset all time invested.

Been thinking more and more about GW2. I have a ranger, necro and revenant at 80 I think in GW2. I remember doing (and partly hating because of map being a gigantic puzzle) HoT and briefly getting into the latest exp before taking a long break. Now I'm considering rolling a new char from scratch and would like to know if that's a bad idea (due to any reason at all) since I kind of want a tanky melee char this time, and I like clearing content solo. And I don't remember GW2 being too large so maybe it can be a nice journey to do it all over again.

My initial goal is to ignore the meta builds and try e.g. a Warrior and just feel my way to a tanky, survivable, self reliant build in my own way that will be able to cruise all of the storyline and open world content except world bosses etc, but I suppose HoT hero points are still hard. I never had any huge problem with story mode, I found them fun in difficulty level later on. I hope a few people will always be around there to get HoT Hero points done though. I would get a bit sad if my journey ends there due to no players around anymore (outdated deserted content).

I somewhat remember my druid being very survivable in HoT. But never took melee classes very far. Looking to change that now since one of the things I enjoy in wow is soloing a death knight in blood spec. Tried pala first (done both 120, 400+ ilvl) which does the job a little better, but didn't like the playstyle, both ret and prot felt too clunky while DK was healing-while-fighting with no responsibility for supporting others with bubble or heals at the same time. Perhaps selfish, but I like simple in your face and very self reliable. I can tank all day long if I play with very very close friends, but I refuse to pug due to mental disorder (avpd) making me a bit sensitive to toxicity. Was MT in vanilla and TBC before everything became about rushing and I couldn't keep up going increasingly more casual.

Guardian, Warrior, Revenant, Maybe even soulbeast if I continue my ranger... Any of them come close to feeling like soloing a DK Blood in wow?

Not sure what to expect from this post, but thanks in advance for reading it. Maybe I'll meet some of you out there.


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    Haven’t played WoW in years, but I think Reaper Necromancer plays closest to Blood Death Knight, both in theme and play style. A dark and sturdy front-line fighter that uses a greatsword and can cast spells for more damage or defense/healing.

    Guardians are also very Blood DK like, minus the dark theme. There’s really no need to focus on healing others unless you want to. I just focus on attacking enemies and keeping myself alive when I play my guardian, or any other character.


  • I don't know anything about WoW so maybe take my opinion with a grain of salt, but in terms of 'tanking' in PvE content, any of the heavy classes you mentioned are decent (Guardian, Warrior, Revenant), and if you want something a little more unique, Reaper necro is also pretty fun. I think in comparison to other MMOs, though, you'll find the idea of tanking in GW2 is maybe not the same? Like especially in PvE content, it's pretty easy to clear everything with any kind of character, and the idea of tanking doesn't really translate the same way because of how GW2 mechanics work.

    It's much easier-- for example-- to tank in vanilla because of Espec power creep, but in HoT and PoF and all of the LW seasons, you're much better off utilizing dodging and movement than simple tanking. Not to say you CAN'T tank, though, just the game has moved even further away from the traditional tank as it's grown.

    In terms of how big the game is, it's really dependent on how much time you can put into it. I work a full time job and have other interests/responsibilities, so a new character I roll would take a much longer time to get through everything. You know, there's Vanilla, HoT, and PoF in terms of expansions and 3 full LW seasons, plus the prologue of season 5. LW takes a lot less time to get through, but if you're doing all of the small achievements and side stuff, it adds hours up quickly.

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    Further driving home that point.... the Meta "tank" build in Raids is a Memser support build. Once you start looking to the reason Why that works so well, you start to realize how powerful this game's buildcraft is. The over half the strongest DPS builds aren't on "DPS classes", and the main function of the "healing builds" have nothing to do with healing.

  • "My initial goal is to ignore the meta builds and try e.g. a Warrior and just feel my way to a tanky, survivable, self reliant build '

    This may interest you. I use similar build but I use axe offhand instead.

  • @Mushuchalaka.9437 said:
    This may interest you.

    Thanks, that was inspirational indeed.

    Thanks for all other replies as well.

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    One man raid team. ;)

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