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I have a big problem when deciding what to main

Now that i have less free time, i decided to come back to gw2 and actually start to focus and go further in the game. That because gw2 can be played way more casually than wow or other mmos i used to play.

Anyways, im not really a new player. I currently have an 80 ranger soulbeast. Although i get really bored every time i log in on him.

So i wanted to start fresh. But i don't know which profession to main right now. I want to play something viable on every game mode. I like to have some sort of support, while also do good damage. But mostly, i want something that is viable on doing open world content, mostly solo.

There is tons of content that i want to explore in this game, so I want to pick the right class to do so. Also i can't play more than an hour or 2 a day anyways.

Please help. Thanks!!!!!!!!


  • Taygus.4571Taygus.4571 Member ✭✭✭✭

    everything is viable in open world.

    currently warrior (well elites) is pretty good in pvp and end game content.

    but really pick a class play it for a bit... this game is suited to having a few different classes and due to balance changes you will likely swap between preferred classes.
    You don't have to main any class.

  • Cyninja.2954Cyninja.2954 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Xuto.6803 said:

    Have a look at woodenpotatoes channel on youtube. He is currently doing a "best build forgeneral and open world pve" per class. Might be interesting to pick one of the classes he already covered as goal to work towards. Then go from there.

  • if you want all in one class try Guardian. swap between dragonhunter and firebrand in difference situation. dragonhunter build is more berserker. firebrand build is more for support. if want bigger challenge go with weaver . for me that is the hardest class. you will never get bored for that.

  • Ports Are Us.4369Ports Are Us.4369 Member ✭✭
    edited October 7, 2019

    Necro is great in all modes really, but great for solo pve especially.

  • @Xuto.6803 said:
    .. i want something that is viable on doing open world content, mostly solo.

    For me, the most confortable professions for open world(trash and champions) are Necromancer, Ranger and Mesmer.

    Its because you can have a pet (zombie, puppy or fake-you) that can distract champs so they don't one-shot you.

  • Thanks all. I actually went ahead and created a sylvari warrior. It seems like it fits perfectly fine my play style and i have been enjoying so far. i actually boosted it to 80 and now im doing all the open world stuff i can a bit faster.

  • starlinvf.1358starlinvf.1358 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The solution is to not "Main" one character. Build out 2 or 3 characters that you can fall back on for hard stuff (like fractals or raids), and then toy with as many alts as you have character slots. I have one of each class, plus an extra guardian and warrior I use for meme build experiments.

    I have to warn you though... the problem with trying to be "viable" in all game modes is basically asking to be a full time support build. If you're looking for highest cross section for organized fights, hands down its gonna be Mesmer. The downside being everyone is going to expect you to be Support Chrono/ChornoTank all the time... but everyone else's laziness guaranties you a slot. Mirage fills in everything else. Portals for Jumping puzzles is also a bonus.

    Second highest "viable" is Firebrigade (Firebrand or Renegade). The only issue I see with this is that because Firebrigades run in pairs, odds are these slots are going to be the most static for raid groups- ie odds of you back filling are low, unless you want to risk pugs. And if you're gonna PUG, Chorno/Druid comps are much easier to work with. Firebrigade rotations are also a pain in the kitten, and will likely need 2 or 3 extra gear sets (including a DPS build), since FB comps aren't good for all Raid wings.

    But if you're gonna at least hear my advice, 3 characters..... Mesmer, Guardian, Necro.

    Mesmer- Build a Power Boon Chrono for use in Raids: Diviner's Armor with Pack Runes, Zerker Trinkets and weapons (standard meta). You can use that same Gear set in Fractals.... honestly I doubt anyone would complain about the extra boon duration. That same set can be easily ported to Mirage for general use and WvW, as the boon duration gives more vigor uptime.

    Chrono: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAw63W6S5NfA-zRRYBRLGOsyoiUI9CQtZZ3xN-e
    Mirage (with chrono gear): http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAwyFO6KdPNA-zRZYBRDeLiA4wKleChIigKSg0LA1GA-e

    Openworld Mirage: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAwyFW6S5PAA-zxQYhohESbHRUfllSPhQdRQFJQ6FgtzSEnRA-e

    The difference between the stats is pretty minimal. Definitely not enough to justify the cost of a second gear set, unless you're dead set on speed clearing Fractal CMs.


    Guardian- Very flexible overall, with 2 and a Half gear sets as minimum requirement. Power DPS builds (both Firebrand and Dragon Hunter) are all Zerks with Scholar Runes; Greatsword, Scepter and Focus. Support builds in WvW and Raid are Minstrels with Monk runes, Staff, Mace and Shield. The half set is Diviner Amulet and pair of Rings when Running Firebrand for quickness. Theres also 2 different condi builds for Fractals and Raids..... you can go dig into that yourself.


    Necro offers 2 strong builds for WvW and Open world, but I can't speak for the status in raids. However, I still highly recommend having one despite possible rejection in raids, simply because they work incredibly well in WvW and OW. Scourge builds for WvW still need to be updated, but even Power Scourge is still good enough to be worth running. Reaper in certain team comps can also be incredibly dangerous. For Openworld the Reaper Minion Master builds are kitten near unstoppable. I take it one step further and run the Maruder/Cav gear set from WvW with Speed Runes and Speed Sigil as my main gear set in all modes. Its a 20% loss in Effective power (over the zerks/scholar build), for a 30% increase in EHP; but having permanent psudeo-superspeed in WvW and Map metas is just waayy too much fun to give up. Especially since Necro has very little mobility on their own.

    Those 3 give you the most options with minimal gear finagling. Thief gets an honorary mention since DD and DE both use identical gear sets for everything..... but they can't take on large groups of mobs the way the above builds can. All the other classes come with weird caveats, and frankly a lot of the current raid rotations are just mind-numbingly long. And as much as I want to play with a condi build again...... the majority are too finicky in raids, and way too glassy outside of raids to be worth porting.

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