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just curious other than ranger, is there other ranged or semi-ranged build thats efficient at PvE and fractal? i heard thief rifle/deadeye + dual dagger is good? anything else that dont have too complex rotation? thanks


  • Psycoprophet.8107Psycoprophet.8107 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Ranger is prob the best, easiest and most flexible of all the ranged classes imo.

  • Dragonhunter with greatsword / scepter+focus is a semi-ranged build, with the scepter set capable of 900-1200 range. In general it is a very bursty build that excels in open world, dungeons, and fractals.

    You mentioned range, which is nice in some aspects of open world, but you don't really want to stay at range for content like fractals, as you won't get boons/heals from your party. Regardless, the power Dragonhunter build offers you some range when needed and is one of the best power DPS builds in fractals.