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How to build stacks of Death's Carapace?

Fellwitch.4536Fellwitch.4536 Member ✭✭
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Greetings all!

Has anyone managed to find a build where you can get the 30 maximum stacks of death's carapace, without having to choose "Corrupter's Fervor?'

For example, I would like to run a build with Unholy Sanctuary, but it seems to me that it is basically impossible to build any meaningful amount of stacks unless I am running sort of a specialized build like someone posted about removing conditions with the rune of antitoxin.

In PVE/Open World I would not expect to get enough conditions from mobs to make it worthwhile..

p.s. no minions either


  • Dadnir.5038Dadnir.5038 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I imagine that you can focus heavily on poison and gain stacks via putrid defense: Reaper's soul spiral, CPC, signet of spite ,scepter auto attack, plagueland, staff's chillblain, human's elite skill reaper of death, asura's skill radiation field, sigil of doom, sigil of blight, superior runes of kraith/sunless/afflicted.

    You'll also get 1 stack per foe you participated to kill so you'll gain quite a lot from meta events when spaming necromancer's different aoe in packs of mobs.

    You probably won't be able to maintain the 30 stacks but it should be possible to reach them from time to time.

  • Thank you @Dadnir.5038 - I will try it tonight. I think probably I will end up around 10-15 stacks. Thing is, I won't need to hit 25 for pulsing protection anyways as I won't have Corrupter's Fervor.

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    The additional Protection and Toughness from Corrupter's Fervor will prevent way more damage than Unholy Sanctuary can ever heal. And that auto shroud is basically useless in PvE.

    From a utility perspective there is really not a single reason to pick Unholy Sanctuary over Corrupter's Fervor. Of course you can play whatever you want, but in this case it seriously does not make any sense.

    Unholy Sanctuary has some very niche value scenario in PvP, but even there Corrupter's Fervor is just better 9 out of 10 times.

  • My "Rattenfänger von Hameln" Build/ My "Pied Piper of Hamelin" Build

    support reaper for group events:

    power variant: greatsword, axe/dagger or axe/warhorn
    condi variant: sceptre/dagger and greatsword(deathly chill)/staff(reaper's onslaught)
    mixed variant: greatsword and sceptre or axe/dagger

    utility skills: consume conditions (extra condi cleanse) OR your soul is mine (extra life force), summon bone minion , plague signet, rise; elite: lich form
    death magic: shrouded removal, necromantic corruption, corrupter's fervor (more reliable) OR death nova (for more dps)
    blood magic: ritual of life, vampiric presence,unholy martyr
    reaper: augury of death, chilling victory, deathly chill (for condi heavy gear) OR reaper's onslaught (for power gear)

    plague signet and unholy martyr load you with conditions from your allies, your bone minions and minions from rise take them from you und transfer them to your enemies (which increases death's carapce). if you really want to have fun with death nova try bone minions, rise and summon madness (lich form #4) to load your screen with your little skull babes and poison fields.

    it's not super effective damage-wise, but it's durable and super fun to watch :D

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