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Store broken? Can't buy gems

1-2day don't let me buy gems in-games with paypal. Is it broken or I'm only?

Since week ago worked me bought gems.
Now it's not work. Yes I'm sended support ticket.

Do support will fix my store?


  • Same issue; it briefly flashed a message about 'unexpected error' or something.

    Payment method seems to be irrelevant because it also failed with a credit card.

    Windows 7 Pro, Firefox as default browser, in case it matters.

  • As above, you will need to contact the Billing CS Team for assistance. (Support link above/below.)

    Good luck.

  • When I tried buying gems the store only flashed a message that said an error unfortunately occurred. Paypal and my credit card both get me the same message. Please fix it so I can buy some gems. MS Edge is my default browser.

  • well, try an actually working browser?

    btw, there were some banking changes in Europe - is paypal actually ALLOWED now to access your bank account? You need to check.

  • Ezzi.3670Ezzi.3670 Member ✭✭

    Well, 2 days ago they fixed my store. So now it worked buy gems. So they read my ticket. :)

  • I had the same problem over the weekend. Anet where great and it was sorted over night.

  • I had the same problem. I don't believe Anet did anything, but I added SMS Authentication to my account and it seems to have fixed the problem. Apparently SMS is required for using the store.

  • SMS Authentication is not required to use the Gem Store. Not at all.

  • I had the same problem today, it seems like this issue occurred to certain players.
    Been trying to use PayPal and both Visa/ Mastercard, but to no avail.
    Any updates from Anet on this?

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  • Good Luck. I reported (open a ticket) 2 days ago, and no answer

  • same here waiting for the support

  • Same issue. None of the payment methods I try, that were working a month ago are working. It flashes the error that others mentioned, and then nothing.

  • Tyncale.1629Tyncale.1629 Member ✭✭✭

    Same for me. I remember a lot of problems with trying to pay during an earlier discount promo also. Were a lot of threads about that too. Why can't they get this right?

  • Trying to purchase the Fire expansion. Just get gibberish when I pick.

  • just made a purchase a few days ago, now it will not complete. when i hit the confirm button, it flashes right back to the entry screen. No bank records of the transaction. The gem store is having issues when i really want it. I have not bought gems for a year, now they don't want my money.

  • I have the same Issue. Cannot buy Gems. I really wanted. It sucks because of the time limited items, that i will miss.

  • Could all ways buy NCsoft Ncoin [Online Game Card] from Amazon it will give your digital code to type in on your GW2 account.

  • @iAntigone.2097 said:
    Could all ways buy NCsoft Ncoin [Online Game Card] from Amazon it will give your digital code to type in on your GW2 account.

    Currently, three NCSOFT games can use NCoin: Aion (NCoin will need to be converted to Black Cloud Coin), Lineage II and Blade & Soul.

    From NCSoft Support.