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[EU][Raid] Monday 19:00 static recruiting

We are a static raiding group of 8-9 people looking for more to fill our roster.

What to expect:
Weekly clears are on monday from 19:00 CE(S)T to 23:00 CE(S)T. We start with w5-7 and continue with w1-4 untill 23:00. Bosses we didn't kill during that time will be killed during the remainder of the week but there's no fixed time for that.

All our members are experienced and have killed all bosses multiple times. Most of us have completed the challenge modes as well.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for 1-2 experienced player(s) able to play the dps role on all bosses. Being able to play other roles is a plus.
During raids we use discord and having a microphone and being willing to use it is required.

If you are interested in joining please contact me in-game (Brib.2378) or on discord (Brib#8288)