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¿What mounts you need in Guild Wars 2?

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Guild Wars have many official artworks with mounts. This mounts can have special powers not available today inside Guild Wars 2. Choose your prefered mount and power from this list :)

1.- Siege Devourer - official Artist - Doug Williams - Power: Catapult Commander

With this mount trained by the Charr Legions you can be catapulted and Glide to distant zones.

2.- Junundu - official Artist - Mattew Barret - Power: Tunneling and Far sight
%22Sandworm_Side%22_concept_art.jpg With this mount from the deserts of Elona, you can travel below the floor. Additionaly you can see far distances. To an example of the Far Sight and official art, Jade Maw, from Katy Hargrove

3.- Undead Camel - official Artist - Carlyn Lim - Power: Special Auras

With this mount trained by Palawa Joko, you can have special Auras beyond your imagination.

4.- Asura Golem - official Artist - Samantha Rogers - Power: Pvp combat

With this mount you can start a PvP Duel in pve, with the autorization of another player with this mount. You can fight with or without this mount.

5.- Horse - Official Artist - Levi Hopkins - Power: Sprint Run

With this mount you can walk o run in races, with turbo.

6.- Giant Beetle - Official Artist - Jamie Jones - Power: Natural Light

With this mount you can walk slowly, but can see in obscure zones.

7.- Quaggan - Official Artist - Carlyn Lim - Power: Friend Help

Many mounts are designed for Guild Wars 2, but yet not included. This is a good example for a mount. Small, not only for travel, but with the ability to call friends to Glide, Run or another cool things. (Quaggan, Penguin, Vulpi, Ladybug, Beaver, Yellow Bird)

8.- Dolyak - Official Artist - Carlyn Lim - Power: MvM Party

You can jump in this mount with other people in MvM, start a music band, and walk on top, fighting from distance against your enemies.

9.- Moa - Official Artist - Carlyn Lim - Power: Sonic Shock

With this mount you can travel with your friend, and your moa stun your enemies with the Sonic Shock.

10.- Underworld Beast - Official Artist - Doug Williams - Power: Run and Jump
482px-Mount_concept_art.jpg With this mount you can run and jump, similar to the movement system of charrs but more high and fast.

¿What mounts you need in Guild Wars 2? 20 votes

SIEGE DEVOURER - Catapult Commander
Substance E.4852hugo.4705 2 votes
JUNUNDU - Tunneling and Far Sight
Avernus.6817 1 vote
UNDEAD CAMEL - Special Auras
Aeolus.3615Strider.7849Xynxycs.6718 3 votes
HORSE - Sprint Run
Ashantara.8731Forty Keks.9620CarolGam.2649Dravyn.4671Bahati.5914 5 votes
GIANT BEETLE - Natural Light
QUAGGAN - Friend Help
Hesione.9412 1 vote
DOLYAK - MvM Party
MithranArkanere.8957Musaroxy.2874Weindrasi.3805aceofbass.2163Kaliwenda.3428 5 votes
MOA - Sonic Shock
Yukarin.4186 1 vote
Fenom.9457Zorth.6841 2 votes


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    I prefer my own headcannon idea for a devourer mount :p (yes... I've been giving this a lot of thought :P )

    1 = Dismount and lob a small sticky poison field infront of you (think chak acid)
    Space = Use Devourer tunnels
    v = Burrow for a short distance (1.5 sec)

    Masteries =
    1 Learn to use Devourer tunnels to quickly traverse the map (like the tunnel system used in HoT)
    2 Toughened Carapace - Your mounts tough carapace bounces attacks back at your foes. Gain Retaliation (3 secs) upon dismount.
    3 Coming Through! - Your mount can now knock foes out of it's path whilst burrowing. (like Chak Garat)
    4 You can now burrow through cliffs to find hidden caves. (Similar to the roller beetle wall smash, but whereas those can be used by anyone once opened for a short while, these are only accessible with this mount and mastery, giving it a unique purpose.)
    5 Your other mounts now benefit from Toughened Carapace.

    Edit, Oh and this mount can't Jump but does have higher health that the other mounts. (consider it the mount equivalent of a tank.)

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  • @Kumouta.4985 said:

    Spiders is another mount Arenanet use in the beta phase of mounts, this mount can climb walls for example. Official Art from Katy Hargrove:
    %22Spider_Giant%22_concept_art.jpg Arenanet rejected this mount, for Arachnophobia problems or creepy versions.

  • @Rauderi.8706 said:
    Underwater mount, but that's about it. After Skyscale, we don't need any more mobility options.

    We have another arts for underwater mounts in the Guild Wars Saga, for example this Jellyfish, with the Official Art of Carlyn Lim.
    carlyn-lim-quick2.jpg This forums have and ankward system to include images inside polls, and i cant include more options to vote.

  • @Poormany.4507 said:
    None of the above, only reasonable mount that's left is an underwater speed mount. Maybe a coolness factor argument for a multi-person mount, but there's not really much demand or need for it atm.

    The initial plans in Arenanet for Muti-person mounts are same mobile towers. You dont travel in your chair same in the rest of the mounts. You can walk along the mount in your travel. This can have apropiate strategic elements, for example in World vs World.

  • Fenom.9457Fenom.9457 Member ✭✭✭✭
    UNDERWORLD BEAST - Run and Jump

    I don’t really think any of these options are the best, but at least the underworld monster sounds cool thematically


  • Fueki.4753Fueki.4753 Member ✭✭✭

    How about a Black panther mount that can perma-stealth IN COMBAT and outrun thieves AT THE SAME TIME.
    And it should work in WvW without Arenanet EVER nerfing it.

  • Kitty.6219Kitty.6219 Member ✭✭✭

    Underwater, even a yellow submarine, or a giant friendly whale that might just look like a Wildstar's snarfelynx

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    SIEGE DEVOURER - Catapult Commander

    Cool a devourer... Just picked that because it's close to scorpion. Not fan of being catapulted.... No sense. None of those feel vital for the game. We already have enough of mounts... See roller beetle, useless, just for races. Skyscale? Just fusion between springer/gryphon. Warclaw? Dunno if it really had a positive impact on WvW..... Eventually an underwater mount, but useless, underwater combat is a mess. Only the 5 core are really "vital".

    EDIT: OMG just got a vision where the player is siting on the shoulders of the golem mount and doing a race. Hilarious.

    PS: Your Junundu big text is bugged OP. Error of punctuation surely.

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    Other: shark or similar, for underwater.
    And for the last time, there are no horses in tyria.
    The only mentions of horses are paintings, so they may very well be their equivalent of unicorns. Or necrotic horses, and we already know Joko stitches bodies together.
    Hence horses don't exist. Never have

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  • Kaliwenda.3428Kaliwenda.3428 Member ✭✭✭
    DOLYAK - MvM Party

    Dolyak, of course :)

  • Can my vote be for a Luxon-style giant mollusc? (See the second of these pictures.)

    Or how about this guy?

  • Blude.6812Blude.6812 Member ✭✭✭✭

    None of the ones in the poll, poll needs the option to vote NONE. Enough already!

  • HORSE - Sprint Run

    I have been begging and pleading with them for a horse mount since i first heard mounts were coming to the game. or even a skin to make the raptor or jackal a horse. still nothing. the devs have a phobia of horses or something.

  • LucianDK.8615LucianDK.8615 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Forty Keks.9620 said:
    I have been begging and pleading with them for a horse mount since i first heard mounts were coming to the game. or even a skin to make the raptor or jackal a horse. still nothing. the devs have a phobia of horses or something.

    Horses doesnt exist in tyria. Dolyaks is the main transport animal.

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    I also don't see any appeal with those voting options. We all know we need only one more mount and that's one that makes underwater travel much faster. They don't even need to make a new mount, just rework the Skimmer to dive under water with a special skill.

    Edit: yeah, not cool that you didn't provide a "None" vote option.

  • HORSE - Sprint Run

    @LucianDK.8615 said:

    @Forty Keks.9620 said:
    I have been begging and pleading with them for a horse mount since i first heard mounts were coming to the game. or even a skin to make the raptor or jackal a horse. still nothing. the devs have a phobia of horses or something.

    Horses doesnt exist in tyria. Dolyaks is the main transport animal.

    yes they do exist. they are referenced several times and were used in cantha. check the wiki if you don't believe me.

  • No, I think we've gotten enough types and its time to move on to a new mechanic, or at least new masteries that are unrelated to mounts.

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  • kratan.4619kratan.4619 Member ✭✭✭

    Only one, not in the list, I want a spider mount and it does not even have to have a unique ability, just the skin.

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    ASURA GOLEM - PvP Combat

    @Ashantara.8731 said:
    Horses, of course! <3

    Wait for Canthan kirins.

    tyria undead horseman’s used kirins as well I think

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