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Staying AFK in pvp

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i love guild wars and i would rather lose to players trying or noobs then fully throwing the match from starting to end going afk. there are playing using the auto attack function in order for not being kicked from the game, in one place going afk.. please do something about this. the amount of times i reported this happening and nothing is being done to players abusing the system and this being a huge problem for players we try to keep from leaving guild wars 2 system. pvp is amazing and better than most mmorpg but this has to stop like you once stopped bots spamming gold in chat making fake free accounts.

how do i add pictures!!! i need to post these players staying afk abusing players, being rude and destroying rank pvp. i dont play for rank title but enjoyment win or lose but afk is not right alot when you are right there behind the computer screen on auto attack.

as a player day one gw1 and gw2 owner this is crazy that gw2 amazing system is only focused on story rather than other system around it. dungeons have never changed in 7 years. this pvp problem makes me reflect on the game as a whole losing faith in guild wars 2.


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    It would be against forum policy to post said pictures here with player names viewable.

  • U get bots on your teams they get bots on their team. We know who the bots are and report um and they there everyday. You also get some of the worst matchmaking where you are either going to lose or win seems predetermined no matter what. It's a kitten. I just block everyone at least it's peaceful

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