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Away for 5 years - Best experience advice needed

So i've been away for at least 5 years and I'm looking for advice on the best playthrough experience. I cleared a good amount of the original content, i think lol. I have the Heart of Thorns expansion already but not sure if I should activate it yet.

Should I create and level a new toon as a refresher and get caught up on storylines?
How are the expansions implemented?
Is it worth buying and playing one at a time or should I wait to enable heart of thorns for after I level a toon?

I'm a bit of a collector and perfectionist and currently trying to start back this late in the game feels a bit overwhelming. Am I going to be able to get enough gear to be functional in pvp or am I going to be forever playing catch up?

Sorry, all my questions may seem convuluted. Just trying to figure out how to get back into it.


  • Welcome back!
    First and foremost allow me to state that I am not a PVPer. With that said, I recommend at least getting any birthday presents from your current toons before you reroll them. Ultimately, I recommend trying Heart of Thorns after you get more comfortable with your toons, whether they be newly leveled or not. It is an unforgiving jungle and can be very confusing with the various mastery lines. If you do head into HOT, try and make use of the LFG - various HP trains and metas run daily and will make the transition much smoother than if you were to try to tackle it on your own.

    Good luck, and good gaming.

  • Thanks for your reply! Do you think I need to play through the original campaign first or will the storylines make sense after i've leveled up quite a bit?

  • maidiance.6920maidiance.6920 Member ✭✭
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    The playable storyline starts at Living World Season 2; although there are some very nice fanmade youtube videos that cover Season 1. In either case, I personally think the original campaign is in dire need of an update (although that is quite unlikely as Anet prefers to, as a rule, work on new content), but with that said if you want things to make sense then yes, you probably will want to play through it.

  • Hi ! and welcome back
    I was in the same boat when I came back this year after quitting in 2013

    My suggestion would be to finish the main campaign story and move on to Living world season 2 if you have those
    As Maidance has mentioned above, the mobs in Heart of thorn is very unforgiving and requires alot more skill out of the player than the first core story mobs do.

    You are definitely in for a treat, the two expansions have massive maps and lots to explore, alot of the maps still have metas and events still running daily so they are nice and lively

    But basically yes, finish core story before moving on to HoT. The groups of mobs hit like a freight train

  • Bear.9568Bear.9568 Member ✭✭✭

    PvP is amulet based so no need to worry about gear, "don't go naked".

    -Focus on ascended armor/weapons/trinkets as there are many ways to acquire them.
    -Work on attaining some mounts, springer/raptor are ez and will help you a lot. Griffon is outclassed by Skyscale but both take gold/time investments.
    -Meta's/low level fractals/dailies will help with gold
    -I've never been into guilds but they are a great way to connect with other players

  • Urud.4925Urud.4925 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Heya, welcome back!
    Good advices above. If you already have a character lv80, you can remove some rust by simply playing in the core maps first, completing the personal story if you didn't, and spend few gold to buy an exotic set from the trading post (it will be useful in the jungle; nothing too fancy though, save the money for the ascended one). Since you will be scaled down in the earlier maps, there's no really need to start from zero (unless you want to try a new profession or you want to experience again the personal story ofc).
    You can try some world boss in the core maps (Tequatl, the Golem or the Triple Trouble) and when you feel ready, start HoT.
    There's one thing that people report sometimes: if you activate an expansion an keep playing only in the core maps, you'll have some annoying pop-up telling you to spend your mastery points. So you may want to activate it when you want to play it.

    Since you said you are a perfectionist/collector (so I guess you like to complete achievements), keep in mind that it would be much easier to complete them after you get a glider and eventually a mount, if you plan to buy PoF (or if you already have it). So play the new maps, but don't waste days trying to reach that vista/hero point on top of that high mountain: it will be much easier later on, with the mounts.

    About the gear for pvp: as Bear said, in sPvP (arenas 5 vs 5) everyone will have a standard gear. You can only choose an amulet and the sigils (freely, from a list), to customise a bit your build. So new players have the same chances to win than veterans (at least gear wise). In WvW is different though: you fight with your PvE gear, so people with a full ascended set/good runes have some advantage on new players.

  • Thank you all so much! Great response and I really appreciate it. Now the hard part is remembering the classes and what might be best solo for a while and future pvp. I'll take suggestions on that too lol. Narrowed down to Ranger, Thief, Rev... maybe warrior.

  • Palador.2170Palador.2170 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Ranger is the easiest for solo open world PvE. Rev plays a bit differently from the other classes with how their legends and non-weapon skills work, so I'd suggest holding off on that until you feel comfortable in the game again. Warrior seems to be good for team stuff. And I'm not sure what's good for PvP.

    Lip synching is just mime karaoke.

  • Great info Palador! That's a good start and fits my criterias for PVE. I'll have to look up decent Ranger pvp builds.

  • Cuks.8241Cuks.8241 Member ✭✭✭

    Expansion open world content is a big improvement to core game. It could be a bit of a learning curve but if you don't mind that then go ahead. You also get access to cool map wide meta events which can be a long term source of fun and gold.
    For the story well, I never really cared much for it in GW2. And with season 1 non existent and season 2 living story before Hot you have a lot of playing and a lot of holes before you catch up. Depends how much you're in for the story.
    Gear you can just buy when you need it. Trading post or Wvw vendor and probably other sources also. Exotic gear is cheap and you can get gold for it by just selling on TP what you get while playing. A day or 2 of casual play you will be able to afford a full set. Search the TP a bit. There is a big difference in price for the same armor with same stats just different skin.

  • Dante.1508Dante.1508 Member ✭✭✭

    I just returned after 4 years, what i suggest is get pof and do that first, yes the content is a bit skewed story wise but get your mounts.. They are super required these days.. After that i suggest getting living story 3 and 4.. Hot is mostly glider which is obsolete now thanks to mounts.

    After all that go for Hot and living story 2 which imo are atrocious even years after its release they are still horrible to play.

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