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Theory Build: Release the Beast

This build I made is for me as sought of a guide for me on what I want to make my profession to be but first I want to get other guy's thoughts on it. I will be using this for PVE stuff as a DPS. Here I was trying to be about the beast with the axe for ranges because I like them and the daggers. I would say I have a problem is choosing what gear to go with and if there is a beast I should have with me or can I just go with any of them. I have the gear choices between Viper, Greving, and Marauder. So take a look at my build and tell me what I should go with.


  • Durzlla.6295Durzlla.6295 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Well you didn’t link an actual build link so I have no idea what you’re wanting to do trait or utility wise.

    But based on the weapons I’d say you’d definitely want to go either grieving or vipers (probably vipers).

    "But my children sing to me. Listen. They sing dark, delicious notes about power and family. As their mother, I have to grant them their wish."

  • There is a link. Just click the word build that is red to go to my build.

  • Deax.1572Deax.1572 Member ✭✭✭

    Firstly you have to decide with either going condition or power route. As of right now there is no reason to go hybrid because it doesn't yield the best results due to stats being too stretched.
    Secondly Anything-main-hand and Axe-offhand with Greatsword is probably the meta weapon sets for most pve related stuff. Dual Axe and Daggers as weapon sets is sub-optimal.
    I'm running this power setup in general PvE (Fractals, dungeons):
    I made a build for someone wanting to do Open world with a Condi setup a while ago you can have a look at it and see if it appeals:
    Regarding pets, Power setup camps on Rock Gazelle And Condi variant goes with Lynx or Iboga.

  • InsaneQR.7412InsaneQR.7412 Member ✭✭✭✭

    For open PvE take grieving an runes that increases condi/poison duration.
    So you can deal decent condi dmg if needed.

    Swap out the signet with dolyak stance. It's a great stunbreak and gives you more boons.

    Survival and poison stacking. Take the survival trait and the survival heal trait. Plus nature magic, good protection uptime and Boonshare.
    Boonshare when merging.
    Heal when poisoning and prolonged shared stances I would take.
    In a group swap out SotP with OWP.

    That should more or less do it.

  • Thank you for thoughts and ideas. After some tweaking, I made this new build for me. Feel free to take a look and tell me what you think

  • As Deax said above, you need to choose either a power or condi route. Ranger atm doesnt have a good hybrid option. So your axe offhand is pure power dmg, as is GS as a weapon. However, you choose Viper's armor which is a pure condi option. You're gonna have a very subpar results. There are good ideas above, so take a look at them and dont change too much until you get a good grasp what are you doing with the build. But choose the route, and get the according armor and accessories. You dont even have to get ascended to get good results with the right build.

  • Deax.1572Deax.1572 Member ✭✭✭

    @sdt.1697 said:
    Thank you for thoughts and ideas. After some tweaking, I made this new build for me. Feel free to take a look and tell me what you think

    I have a old demonstration vid for the open world condi setup i cooked up for someone.

    It was tailored with condition damage, some sustain and survivability in mind. I won't go into specifics as that would end up being a wooden-potatoes style video in text format a.k.a a wall of text. But i can elaborate if you'd be interested.
    Condition damage by itself is rather weak, what you need to do is be able to apply it quickly and a lot of it and make sure they stick around for as long as possible within the constraints of your build, but by gw2 design most skills that do condi damage and/or apply damage condis are generally weak direct-damage wise and that makes hybrid builds sub-optimal. Don't get me wrong, they're great in open world (something like full celestial) being able to sustain quite well both damage and health, but they all suffer from being mediocre in damage at best.

    Power wise it's cheaper to just go full berserker with axe/axe and GS or whatever/axe and GS and then just adapt depending on what you wanna do from there.
    I've tried hybrid builds and they're somewhat fun-ish in competitive scenes. In PvE it just won't do if we're talking group content. After a while of playing your defenses come from situational awareness and adaptability rather than relying on stats etc. so you end up going as much power as you can handle. In fractals i'll quite often bring a Dolyak Stance with Stance Share trait, it's a bit of a dps loss, but everyone in close proximity gets stability and damage reduction for just a bit, has prevented some pugs from eating a hefty cc and going down.