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PvP at its finest

I wasn't even dogging this player just telling him that my pick for the game was to counter condi thief spam and he lost it.... https://imgur.com/a/ZwQcsLK


  • asterix.9614asterix.9614 Member ✭✭✭

    Did he call you bluuuurrr, cause that's all I see, maybe because I am in mobile :p

  • Really? I didn't know it didn't show up. Sorry about that I will check right now.

  • It shows for me I dont know what went wrong with the picture. I can see it but all it had in it was the text of him just trying to get me angry over a match I had won 501 to 82. In that PvP match all I said in all chat was that condi thief wasnt going to work on my build because I made it just for condi thief's to counter their play style. He said I was just trying to get the thief tilted when all I meant by it is that it is just going to be ineffective against others once they pick up on the same builds is all.

  • Carefull with players name in here....admins can hit as spb =)

    Other wise, u know, if everyone post all pvp's toxicity here in 1 day, i think the admins will think it's a DDos attack.

    Troll since 1982.

    • Things to consider before posting something like this.
    1. Is the game still active enough for others to care whether or not I won and is the player worth mentioning that I even beat him?
    2. Does winning in this game even lead to rewards or does it just lead to me queueing again and again because I haven't discovered a better game, or a better hobbie to pursue?
    3. Will I even remember posting this after it's taken down by mods?
    4. Who really cares about what I have to post if it's in regards to GW2 whatsoever?
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