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Notifications only showing posts that mention me

Fueki.4753Fueki.4753 Member ✭✭✭
edited October 9, 2019 in Bugs: Game, Forum, Website

Until a few days ago, my notification box displayed ALL the comments to discussions I participated in, now it only shows the posts that mention me.
In the notification settings, I have a tick in every row, except for rank changes and badges.

Does anyone else have this problem?
Is there any way to fix this. so I can see all the comments again?


  • MikeG.6389MikeG.6389 Member ✭✭✭

    I have no solution but I have the same issue.

  • There was a recent Vanilla update; some things changed. (There's a new 'report' window, as well.)
    If this is deemed worthy of sending to Vanilla, be prepared that changes/fixes often take a long time.

    Good luck.

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