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[EU] The Arctic [Arc] is looking for new memebers. Friendly - Active - PvX

Irmiel.6520Irmiel.6520 Member
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Hey there!
The penguins are looking for more to join the waddle.

The guild has been running for a few years now and we have a steady group of fun and inclusive people.
The Arctic can offer you:

  • Weekly guild missions
  • Training and experienced raids every week
  • Low and high tier, plus CM fractals
  • Open world quiz event with prizes once a month.
  • Smaller events like Hide&Seek, races and puzzles
  • An active discord server
  • Some WvW (mostly Gandara) and PvP

We use Discord to post about the activities, lead the raids, fractals and guild missions. Or just hang out and banter =)
We are always working hard for the guild to be a pleasant and friendly place for all members to have a chat and get to know each other. We aim to be helpful and we hope this will be a good place for you to make your home.

If you want to join the guild or you have any questions, you can poke me ingame (Irmiel.6520) or send me a message on the forum.
We also have a Discord where you can join the recruitment tab and poke us :3

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