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Mainly this is focused on 2 greatsword skills which has been bugged since who knows.

Skill 1 : Bladetrail - Throw your greatsword at your foe so that it returns to you, crippling foes along the way
Issue : alot of the time this skill is used it only displays a half animation and doesnt even seem to hit at all, also if u rush the animation into another animation it completly busts the skill making it a waste of use since it wont hit anyways, this is supposed to be working no matter what but yet it still a decent amount of the time cancels itself even if no other skills / Abilities are thrown.

Skill 2 : Rush - Charge and strike your foe
Issue : The coordination of this skill is not working properly always the issue mainly with this lays in the targeting, i had several times where it accidently targeted a guard npc in wvw example and it ends up in a loop of running into a wall and there is no way to cancel it wheter you press escape or other skills, the only way to actually cancel this skill & animation is by weapon swapping which makes it endurring to be reliable on the skill itself. Besides that i had some of the times using this skill where it doesnt navigate / coordinate towards the target but rather beside of it which i believe is a bug as it is supposed to charge and strike the foe that u target if within range ofcourse.

EDIT : Rush also has a very bad sync in regards towards action changes what i mean by that is that, if i rush towards an invidual and he teleports the rush will go to his last location of where he teleported from, rather than towards the actual location of where the target target teleport to, even it arent completly through its animation or reached the range limit.

^ Had the same kinda issue as skill 2 with the utility called Bull's charge a decent amount of the times having bad / wrong navigation towards the target even in range .

Besides that i arent sure what else to mention in here but mainly the first 2 skills mentioned is my biggest personal issue towards playing my warrior to the limits. I do not ask for any changes in regards to Buff or nerfing but simply just fixing the animations to work properly maybe make skill 2 able to cancel with escape in case it begins to bug up and navigates odd or makes u stuck running into a wall cus u accidently got wrong target. Bladetrail is also a big issue in my eyes as it is a very useful skill in pvp / wvw content and if u cant rely on it, then u just waste ur time throwing something at ur enemies that wont work properly .

if anyone reading this experienced same issues or similarities or think i forgot to mention something or any related to all this then feel more than free to comment it ofcourse.
i hope to see these being fixed afterall it been like this for too long now .

Best Regards,
Equality Xaint .


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