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About bots...

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I don't play GW2 that often anymore. I log in to help friends who still play, maybe buy a new skin off the trading post, but that's about it.

While I absolutely love a certain other game, one thing I go have to give credit to Anet for with GW2 is that while bots were a problem in the first couple years (and to some extent still are), the people at Arenanet who have been in charge of taking care of this blight on gaming have done a really good job compared to even a few subscription based games.

Yes, they still exist, that much is clear, but I was sitting in a major city near a quest hub the other day in another game, and watched over 100 randomly named bots teleport in, talk to an NPC, then teleport out. And this has been going on for a very long time. Meanwhile the parent company constantly talks about how they are "banning in waves" and so on.

Anet has done and said similar things, but whatever measures they have taken actually seem to then be applied to whatever detection they are using, thus reducing the number.

Again, yes, I'm sure they are still here. Especially in WvW, or on the TP, but my current game is over 7 years old also, and they still pour out of the newbie zone in droves (and these are accounts that are doing activities that prove they are paid accounts, likely with stolen credit cards).

To that end, I thank Anet for at least trying to stay on top of that issue. I could rant for days on many other things, but on this, you guys need to be commended.

Soul-binding needs to be allowed to die gracefully. It has expired. It is long past it's time to become a footnote in the history of gaming.


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