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How big is the gap between T3 and T4 fracs?

Hi all,
I'm climbing up the fractal ladder and have almost hit T4
I wanted to know if the difficulty of T4 is a huge difference from T3?

Do I also require to have training sessions in T4's similar to raids? (requiring proof of experience before joining partys)
I clear raid bosses regularly but have no idea what T4 is going to be like


  • Nephalem.8921Nephalem.8921 Member ✭✭✭

    You get an additional instability. Thats it mostly. The difficulty comes with 99 + 100 challenge modes or speedrunning fractals without a healer but only experienced groups do that.

  • Kumouta.4985Kumouta.4985 Member ✭✭✭

    not big enough to warrant the ridiculous elitism in t4.

  • Cyninja.2954Cyninja.2954 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    In general, normal T4 are often easier than T3. Sure, you have an extra instability, enemies are scaled up a tad further, but overall the player quality is better (compared to T3, there is enough bad players in T4 too).

    The only real gating happening in T4 is along these lines:

    • groups will often want at least 1 healer (even for regular T4)
    • groups might prefer certain dps classes (seldom but does come up)
    • Challenge Mode groups will often require a certain amount of kill proof and specific class compositions

    Otherwise, some stuff is less forgiving (even less face tanking damage than in T3) and the required agony resistance is higher, making ascended armor pretty much a must have for new T4 players. If you have some raid experience, you should be fine.

  • Honestly, after the first time you play through each of the T4 fracs it is pretty simple. Having a healer makes it easier, having quickness and/or alacrity makes it easier. For regular T4s Banner Slave isn't even required for a smooth run, things just die too fast for the banners to be worth the time to place only to pick up 20s later.

    My advice is once you start doing T4s is to take note of the people you enjoyed playing with and add them to your friends list. Send them a whisper at reset to see if they want to play with you again. Before long you'll have yourself a static group that you can rely fairly well on. That or join a guild that does FotM regularly.

  • Taygus.4571Taygus.4571 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    @Kumouta.4985 said:
    not big enough to warrant the ridiculous elitism in t4.

    This. T4 lfg makes it seem really difficult and that theres strict party composition. Its not and there isn't.

    T4 is often easier than t3 because people know whats going on.

  • ArchonWing.9480ArchonWing.9480 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    It's somewhat harder; have to pay more attention to CC. Also with 3 instabilities comes with some bad combos so there can be higher variance with difficulty. If your people are willing to switch around utilities it should be fine but every now and then you get people that ignore chat and things go south. Things to watch out for in particular are no pain no gain (need boon strip), afflicted (need cleanses), frailty, and we bleed fire (need reflects)

    You don't need training; if you can pull your weight in t3s, you should do fine in t4 if you pay attention.

  • Astralporing.1957Astralporing.1957 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @DoRi Silvia.4159 said:
    I wanted to know if the difficulty of T4 is a huge difference from T3?

    The difference is smaller than between t2 and t3, as that is where the main division line in non-cm fractals is placed.

    The whole point of a social game is to play with the people you want to play with, not be forced to play with the people you don't.

  • borgs.6103borgs.6103 Member ✭✭✭

    If you climbed upto T4 and survived T3 by yourself, just have 150 AR and you're good to go. You've probably seen almost all of the fight mechanics. When you get a good group composition, you will be surprised at how quick and easy fotms are.

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