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Gourmet Training question

I can't find the Sous Chef in my home instance (Sylvari) to start this. I hit level 425 and made the Tasting Platter. Wiki says he is in Ronans Bower. Any suggestions?


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    They arent in your instance. Go to the cooking areas in the home cities. At least that's what i remember. You should of got a mail too and are you on the cook?

  • The Wiki states:
    Gourmet Training is a Tradesman achievement. It is unlocked after reaching Chef level 425 and giving a Chef's Tasting Platter to Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone within the home instance.

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    Are you a sylvari?

  • Yes, Wiki says to look in Ronans Bower which I have done, I figure I'm missing something.

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    Dreamer's terrance your home instance. I looked online as I never been in a sylvari home instance. You are getting prompted and going into your home and are on your cook and he's not in there?

  • Ok so Dreamers Terrace it is. The trick for me was I didn't know I needed to go into the instance. Thanks for your help.