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  • Really need to be able to link the build and equipments so they can switch together, the 'can't use this equipment' message grates very quickly! An option in the settings that says something like "link equipment and build slot switching". i.e. picking build 1, also picks equipment 1. I think for a majority that would be enough.

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    I love everything about it. Although, 3 gear tabs would have been nice to fit with the 3 templates, and the save feature to include weapons and armor--ignoring character-bounded equipment and different weight classes, still needs to display it though when viewed or shared with others. Another addition would be to make it so you have 2-5 slots for pvp and 2-5 slots for wvw, so you have a different set depending on if you are in the living world, spvp, or wvw. Last thing is, traits and skills are saved, but gear is not. I know shared inventory for gear/weapons is not what you want but you could compromise by saving/snapshotting what was in the gear tab so we know what was there before we removed it to be shared on another toon. So, if I have the item in my inventory and I click on a button that loads it, it should load everything (if its currently in the inventory) I had saved previously for that tab, similar to the template save feature, and similar to what arcdps had.

  • Once you have build templates properly refined Anet, time to add per character keybinds please. This is an option that really needs to be added. For example, just yesterday, I did a support chrono for the first time, but I had to change my keybinds so now my druid and holo game is way out of place. I was lucky I did not need to switch class yesterday but if I did it would mean nothing for templates if not to have keybinds for the class/elite spec.

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    @gavyne.6847 said:
    We need 3 equipment template by default to match the 3 build templates we get, pretty please. The pricing is expensive, I bought an equipment template not realizing they are per-character only. No problem, but this will deter me from purchasing more for the time being.

    I will buy more if you give us bundled pricing for equipment template. And please do consider giving us 3 by default to match the 3 build templates we receive.

    This is the issue I have with this system at the moment. 2 equipment slots just isn't enough to give out and the 500 gem tag per equipment slot is pretty expensive.

  • Good- works well, saves inventory space. Slots are enough for what I play.
    Needs work- UI may be confusing for some, new players (maybe add a small label "Build Templates" over the slots for example).

    My personal frustration- Swapping legendary armor between characters. Before I would just bank, equip, do a couple tweaks, good to go in a minute.
    Now I would have to unequip pieces to bank them which means losing all stat, rune, upgrade choices and ruin all related templates. Then having to re-select all choices, runes, upgrades all over.
    **Wish for - Account-wide equipment slots. **

    Thank you for the work you guys do, please consider some tweaks/changes based on our feedback.

  • Perhaps I've just not understood the system so far, but is swapping out a weapon ment to remove all its sigils?

    Every time I want to swap my weapons I'm useing I seem to have to reapply them to the weapon.

    For example swapping P/P for SB. It just seems like alot of faffing about when all I want to do is swap out a single peice of gear.

    Hopefully this is just a bug! Keep up the good work.

  • Bug: When changing build (trait?) templates and both templates have the same charge skill they go on full cooldown.

    1. Equip Firebrand Mantra.
    2. Charge Mantra
    3. Swap Build
    4. Same Mantra is now on full cooldown.
  • I was so pumped for this addition to the game, to find out that Legendary equipment is NOT saved someplace and usable by any char that could use it, or not account unlocked!
    Why did you bother with this at all?
    I already had chars setup to do the different jobs I needed, and the hassle I had was having to remove the equipment from one char to another sometimes, to test stuff. So I figure wow, this will be great, preset legendary armor on all my light chars, and build them accordingly, just need proper runes and sigils on each char.
    Now I have never done raids, but can see that a person who raids and does WvW or fractals might use this, because the builds vary greatly.
    I can't speak to others, but myself I WvW and I have just learned to Pve with those builds and for the most part a WvW build eats Pve up anyways, so no changes needed.
    I had thought that legendary equipment was to be account unlocked, and that alot of players would have started to work towards legendary because of this change, so this was the way Anet would reap monetary rewards in the long run.
    As this whole endeavor was to make our lives easier I think legendary equipment needs be account wide unlock.

  • My biggest problem right now is that there's no option to save templates. Because of this, the first slot in the equipment and build slot is just whatever you happen to be wearing.

    "Self awareness is knowing when you're sitting at the throne of ignorance." --Leo G.

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    The game should remember the selected templates for each game mode.

    E.g. I select template 2 when I am in WvW and then I switch back to PvE where I select template 1. When entering WvW again it should automatically switch to template 2. If template 2 has been deleted or changed in the meantime it should stay on template 1.

    Alternatively just offer different templates for different game modes.

    Besides that I like the general implementation.

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    First I want to give Arenanet a sincere Thank You because we've been asking for this for a very long time. The template system is great.

    Secondly I want to say to the player base Calm Down. Right now everyone is logging in and freaking out after the first 30 seconds that they view the new system. I've heard a lot of comments that pretty much add up to: "It's not what I expected!" Well what did you guys expect? Do you even know?

    At any rate, I think that by the end of the week after everyone has grown accustomed to the new system, they'll be glad it was implemented.

    As far as direct feedback goes:
    ~ I'm not seeing anything wrong with this system. Everything about it seems really convenient for the way I play the game.

  • Cant share legendary weapons, armor or accessories. i should be able to use anything i have unlocked in the wardrobe in my build load outs on any character. and why are they so expensive? 500 gems for build and 300 for traits? thats way to high. traits should be linked to each build. i can see myself changing the build and forgetting to change the traits.... grrr please fix!

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    Surely an account wide feature is account bound and not character bound... Right?

    Looking at the storage.

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    I don't mind having to pay for additional slots, but why are they limited to such a small amount? I feel like build templates (the utilities/traits) should be unlimited :/

  • I think it's a disappointing system when you got legendary armor/weapons/trinkets.
    With legendary gear I can easily swap stats and runes/sigils.
    But now I got only 2 equipment tabs. If you have legendary, I think it should be way more. And that's where I think the system design is flawed. I wish it would somehow recognise when you have legendary gear equipped, and then give you more equipment slots for the legendary gear you have.

    Also, if I decide to buy new equipment slots because I want use more builds with different stats, they cost a lot and are only character bound. So if somewhere down the line I want to switch to another alt (for example different race, or a class within the same armor weight), I am back to having only 2 slots. Which I think is very alt-unfriendly. And not in line with how over the years we got several updates to make the game more alt-friendly (accountbound legendary weapons, account bound wxp, etc).

    I really feel this system is very clunky and did not take legendary gear in consideration. For a system that is aiming at more convenience, there is no more convenience for legendary over ascended. :/

  • @The Sabio.1309 said:
    The new template system is an insult to all the people who have the 3 sets of legendary armor. We have spent 10k gold to get the armor and now they are useless. And the same for any legendary object.
    Why can't we use legendary items in any character? I mean, if I link my heavy legendary armor with my revenant, why can't I use it with my warrior?
    We who have all the legendary objects are the ones who really need the templates.
    It is not fair or worth having any legendary object with the new system.
    I am very disappointed with you arenanet because with the current system it is better to have 3 ascended sets than a legendary armor. Much better.

    I have all 3 leggy sets and i don't feel insulted at all, the leggy armors on the characters that have them can switch to whatever i feel like when i need it, this template stuff wasn't going to unlock any equipment account wide and the fact you expected as much just shows how jaded some people really are. When i need my BS War to be condi i now can do that in a mere 2 seconds and go on, when i need it power, 2 sec and i can continue, that is the reason we got templates, it is for swapping spec on a character basis rather then account wide, which you should have known if you had any knowledge of how this game has been operating, yes there is account bound gear, but its still stored on a character which is on the server and you have to move it either through bank or shared slots between chars, Build Templates was never going to change that.

    As for my feedback, yeah the swapping feels good, setting up took some doing but once it's there it seems to be working fine and dandy for now.
    Pricing, yeah no this is way to expensive, i get that it is based per character as most people only really prefer to do their thing on their main, but it should be cheaper to do that. The Equipment template should be 250-300 gems, build templates 150-200 and storage 300.

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    1. Each of the three pieces are separate in purchase, and each cost the same amount. Very cash grabby in the taste it gives~ (They do have a pack you can buy, but I mean... if you're looking for affordable its hardly there unless you have cash to burn.)
    2. They invalidate legendaries and can't even utilize a lot of the features they come with, character slots and characters built around different builds offers much more value. (Clearing maps for mats, Black lion keys ...ect)
    3. The only thing they do right is make it so gear is stored in the equipment slots, but once again seperate characters fix this issue anyhow.
    4. Most of this is to "Lazily" change traits, which isn't even that hard nor does it take time to do.
    5. It hasn't changed anything, hasn't done much if not open a new and probably lucrative monetization scheme. (Raiders and "Elite" players will shove money at it, I already know people trying to unlock all they can across 20 of their chars. Its for the whales.) But all and all I feel like Its wasted development time Id of preferred to be spent elsewhere, because this to me won't change or offer much... but since it will and probably has made money it will be worth-while for A-net.
    6. Its character based, so its EXTREMELY cash grabby on that front.

    I copy/pasted this from another thread, I don't feel the need to add onto it or change anything. But I will add as it stands this sets a DANGEROUS precedent for what may come, DO NOT DO A FALLOUT 76. This game was once praised for its accessibility and its friendly nature with how its monetization and its pay walls worked, Expansions are fine. Cosmetics are fine. Stuff like this which is made inherently to be an aggravation and a hindrance as well remove things that were in place specifically for QoL (The separation of WvW and PvE builds for example) Is a way to enforce payment. I do not, will not and shall never condone this and yes I know you must make money as you are a company. There are ways to do it without basically making it seem like your milking your players, and this to me tastes of that as other games have done similar things in the past. I also don't see a point in this since the meta hasn't changed, probably won't change since we likely will never see more E-specs. So this basically does absolutely nothing for anyone paying attention; Considering changing builds has become a waste of time as is.

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    i wish account bound gear went into an account bound gear storage so that the pieces can be shared between all characters on that account according to weight

    that way my necro can wear either a vipers or zerkers loadout, and my chrono can use the same equipment but with its own stats.

    i also wish for a wardrobe template so that no matter what equipment i load, my appearance stays the same.