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Assuming any known magical effect can be combined with 1+ others what do you want to see?

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Beyond the restriction of polar opposites (ex something cannot be alive and undead, hot and cold) what are some interesting mixtures you would like to see in the game? Like Kasmeer working with Jory to construct an illusion that can raise the dead.


  • I've been meaning to buy that game. Is it good?

  • Kulvar.1239Kulvar.1239 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Really fun. I spend a lot of time "accidentally" killing my friends.

  • starlinvf.1358starlinvf.1358 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Daniel Handler.4816 said:

    I've been meaning to buy that game. Is it good?

    The game itself is a parody of the entire fantasy genre.... so expect everything from stupidity to blissful camp. Mechanically its by far one of the best magic systems every thought up for an action game..... but its design also makes it one of the most chaotic systems to use under pressure.

    Spells are cast by invoking a sequence of spell elements (11 total, and 3 of which are combinations of 2 elements), which outputs 1 of 2 types of spells based on how its constructed. Each spell element has a set of traits associated with it, such as damage type, and both constructive and destructive interference with other spell elements. When casting spells, you have different buttons which control how the targeting behavior works, which also factors into how the spell is cast. Increasing the number of spell elements (up to 5) increases the magnitude of the spell. Mixing elements dilutes the effects based on the ratio of compatible elements and the casting type. Some effects interplay as well. So hitting someone with lighting when they are wet increases damage. But water and lightning are opposing elements that cancel each other during spell creation.... however, you can combine fire and water first to get Steam, which can wet the target, and then add lightning to that to get a spell that wets and hits with lightning.

    The second type of spell output is what people normally associate with "spells", known as Magkics. By arranging elements in specific patterns, you can cast very powerful spells that are greater then the sum of its parts. Like lighting storms, volcanic fissures, or just causing a Rain shower. However, these types of spells have to be obtained through the course of a game by finding scrolls or books on the maps or via drops.

    What separates Magika from most games is the that its EVERYTHING has friendly fire. Enemies included. This was intentionally done for Coop play, because you have to be a lot more careful in how you cast spells (which is hard considering since AOE is everyone's go-to for damage spells), but you can actively support and heal each other by casting defense spells with allies in the effect area/path, divide up spell duties where one wets all the enemies while another positions for a strong lighting beam, or cancelling effects to save other players (such as using water to put out players that are on fire, just in time to get zapped by enemy lightning). This game is famous for being able to suss out friends who lack situational awareness, or are so single minded they don't realize how much collateral damage they're creating until someone dies (if even then). We're talking MarioKart/MarioParty levels of "you know who your friends are, when....". Despite how it sounds, the game is waaaay better in coop BECAUSE of it.

    For anyone who remembers Richard from LFG (who is a total kitten, btw), they were making a video game for the comic some years back. To quote the developer about how Richard, who both canon OP and an alignment of "chaotic kitten", has the strongest abilities of his party; but also does ridiculous amounts of collateral damage with no regard for other people....... "With great power comes no responsibility". That phrase is Magika Coop in a nutshell.

    I highly recommend the game just to experience what its like. But a minor health warning. Do no play if you suffer from a condition known as "stupid fingers".