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[merged] Suggestions about Guild Wars 2 Templates

There's been quite a few threads making suggestions to improve Guild Wars 2 Templates. So I'm merging them together here to avoid those discussions cluttering the Guild Wars 2 Discussion subforum.

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  • Knighthonor.4061Knighthonor.4061 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Suggestion: Rename the Equipment "Template" to Equipment "Closet". Will create less confusion between the terminology of the new Equipment Templates and Build Templates. Despite being two distinctly different mechanics, I seen a few people confuse the two, which is causing more confusion overall. Seem like a simple fix to a small problem.

  • Randulf.7614Randulf.7614 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Equipment template is fine

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  • Ashantara.8731Ashantara.8731 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Randulf.7614 said:
    Equipment template is fine

    ...but misleading. Those are loadouts, not templates.

    @Knighthonor.4061 said:
    Suggestion: Rename the Equipment "Template" to Equipment "Closet".

    Doesn't make sense. If anything could be referred to as "closet", it would be the so-called Equipment Storage.

  • Knighthonor.4061Knighthonor.4061 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Ashantara.8731 said:

    @Randulf.7614 said:
    Equipment template is fine

    ...but misleading. Those are loadouts, not templates.

    @Knighthonor.4061 said:
    Suggestion: Rename the Equipment "Template" to Equipment "Closet".

    Doesn't make sense. If anything could be referred to as "closet", it would be the so-called Equipment Storage.

    dont really care what they call it. But something other than "Templates" would cause a lot less confusion for some players that are confusing the two features despite being totally two different things.

  • Zahld.4956Zahld.4956 Member ✭✭✭

    Making things less confusing is usually always a good thing.

    -AKA yes 'I Approve this pwn'

  • Mewcifer.5198Mewcifer.5198 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It would remove some of the confusion people have.

    My list of suggestions for GW2
    Max Masteries | 20k AP

  • Knighthonor.4061Knighthonor.4061 Member ✭✭✭✭


    this is something they will likely patch in. not that big of a deal.

  • Yuffi.2430Yuffi.2430 Member ✭✭✭

    There are areas that need improving, and there are plenty of suggestions in the official feedback thread, but basically it comes down to one thing: you (Anet) need to improve your template system so that it is at least equal to the functionality of the ArcDPS version or better than it. You've known about, and accepted, the Arc version for long enough that you already knew what a template system needed to do.

  • There needs to be a save and load button for gear and builds.

    The way I play the game is I use the raid build, but make minute changes for general use everywhere. What I'd like to do is save the gear and build, then make minute changes for whatever is needed, then when I go to do fractals I can just click the "load" button to change my gear and traits back.

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  • Game of Bones.8975Game of Bones.8975 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 30, 2019

    Too late, I think many things people were asking for or were worried about should have been addressed prior to roll-out.

    Here are some individual suggestions, not a package deal

    • have people buy account-wide "licenses" for characters to keep templates. If they don't buy the "license" they use their old method and don't have access.
    • Create a catalog for each player's individual professions (ranger, necro, mesmer, etc) containing all saved builds, no limits for the number of builds that may be stored.
    • Instead of Weapon Builds, purchase additional weapon swap slots.
    • Look at the cost of what you are providing versus gaining the same thing through alternate means (high cost of new build system vs cost of new character slot).
    • I'm also a big fan of account-bound vs character bound items

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  • Mithos.9023Mithos.9023 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 4, 2019

    Now with the build templates life and a chance to test them I have just one questions: Why were they made the way they are? I really can’t understand why they were made as gear slots or load outs while there would have been a much better system for it. The current iteration is clunky, and it feels like nothing fits together. Gear without the proper weapon and traits is useless and traits and weapon are useless without the right attributes to back it up. So, I can’t understand why it was separated. A build includes everything. Even an arena net employee once stated that you wanted this feature right and include gear, skills, traits and weapons and now its separated? This feels wrong. Not to mention all the other downsides it brings. Changing anything within the gear template is a huge hassle. It is counter-intuitive and bloated and form what I have seen inventory wars will probably continue to prevail.

    I still can’t understand why this feature was not done with a wardrobe approach. Everything that is currently criticized could have been avoided or can be solved with a future work over. The basic approach is already in the game. The pvp editor shows how it is done so much better. An editor where you choose what you want, and it temporarily overwrites your equipped gear and traits. No interaction with the inventory no confusing UI, just a plain editor that in contrast to PVP has slots for every gear type (helmet, shoulders, trinkets etc.) where you choose your attribute combinations and runes for every type.

    This was my proposal I posted already month ago: A wardrobe is put in place that stores attributes like berserker, vipers etc. for each armor category (the 6 categories for armor and the trinkets). You can unlock the attributes by destroying items with said attributes. Sounds harsh first but it would be troublesome otherwise. As you could select the attribute now for an infinite number of times it should come with the cost of removing the item from the game to balance the market. Otherwise, prices might spiral out of control. But it comes with the huge advantages:

    • Unlimited number of applications
    • No items need, items removed from your inventory
    • We could bind skills/traits together with attributes and get a single system that could also include “gear” in the post able strings
    • Also, I believe real templates would be possible. As no item is needed and the wardrobe entry is just code we could completely save and load it. Therefore, temporary changes would not change the original template.

    Once the attributes are in the wardrobe, you could use the editor to tailor your build. Select the statts you want, runes and infusions. Then you should be able to save the build and with another button apply it. When you do so just like in the PVP editor your current skills/traits are changed and your attributes change corresponding. The normal armor is not touched in any way. Just for clarifying you would still have your original armor slot as you do now. Gear that is in this placed can be put in your inventory as you always could.
    With this the only negative point this system has, is if the wardrobe is character based you could no longer switch gear between different alts unless you don’t unlock it and change gear as you do now. The exception would be that the wardrobe would be account bound, but I believe that this might not be the best case as gear would then become devalued too much.
    Also, this could easily include legendary armor. While I am one of the people who think that the statt select ability would best be forgotten as legendary should be about the skin and not add any additional value at all, I think it could be included. While you equip legendary armor in for example the head slot of your normal armor slot, now all attributes are select able in the editor as long as the helmet is in place.
    Just to add runes would be handled correspondingly. You unlock them by destroying them, and they are added to the editor. Lastly, I want to speak about weapons. While changing attributes with this system would be easy changing weapons could be a problem. My idea here is that you get a new slot in the hero menu for every weapon type your class can use. Main hand and Off hand. For Ele as example: One staff, dagger main hand and offhand slot, war horn, focus, scepter and sword. Once you gave one weapon in every slot the editor can then access them to form your weapon choices for your builds.

    Edit: Deleted last sentence. Now that I had some time it seemed unfair for the devs that probably spend a lot of time and effort to build this system.

  • Pifil.5193Pifil.5193 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I'm confused, how are posts giving suggestions on how to improve in this thread not feedback? Why aren't they merged into the feedback thread?

  • Dear Arenanet an other point to improve in addition to my already mensioned points
    On my elementalist in the equipment build its not possible to have different colours in the different templates.
    Im using an legendary armor and i want on template 1 and 4 different colours but thats not working. Would appriciate if this would work.

    You have to improve the legendary experience otherwise people will not anymore spend the money and time to make it.
    Kind regards

  • They are fine for me, but the gem cost is to high. It is just easier and cheaper to buy a new character slot and call it good.

  • With all the crashes going on, how likely do you think it is that Build Templates are gonna be disabled

  • Eloc Freidon.5692Eloc Freidon.5692 Member ✭✭✭✭


    Make equipment template slots remember what was in them even when you remove the equipment. Just make them nullified and grayed out.

    Don't make legendary equipment remove their runes/sigils infusion upgrades when equipped.

    Make WvW and PvP have its own 6 Build and Equipment Templates.

  • I would love them to change account bound items (those that don't soul bind like legendaries, ascended, and some exotics) to go into an Account Based Item Storage as an unlock (vs an item). Then they could make the equipment templates account based (and true templates vs an actual equipment set that changes as you change items). Then allow users to fill out a template with items from the Account Based Item Storage, adding the infusions and runes to the storage permanently, and use those added infusion/runes for all templates. This would make legendary and ascended even more desirable, and cleanup up alot of the issues related to the equipment "templates" as they are currently implemented.

    If the equipment templates where like above, I would actually see a value in them, compared to now they loose alot of value from changing as I change gear on the fly and not be shared across accounts.

  • Ashantara.8731Ashantara.8731 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 31, 2019


    • remove the auto-eject of upgrades from legendary gear (that means we will need the same amount of upgrades as before the patch, but that's 100% fine)
    • make loadouts actual templates (with a load option) for both, builds and equipment
    • link equipment templates to build templates (character-bound)
    • increase the number of slots in the build template storage
    • add an equipment template storage
    • make loadout tab unlocks accountwide
    • double the maximum number of loadout tabs
  • Shailyn Slay.7234Shailyn Slay.7234 Member ✭✭
    edited October 31, 2019

    I already posted in the general feedback thread, but I hope it's worth adding this here as well:

    My first/main suggestion goes along with making a clearer differentiation between templates & loadouts by adding an 'active' build on which all (manual) changes are applied. I think this can't just solve issues of not being able to make small changes to build without auto-saving them, but can also be used to re-introduce auto-loadouts for different game modes and maybe even make sharing of equipment between characters a bit easier.

    Adding an 'active' build

    The way build & equipment templates were introduced now they completely replace the previous way of selecting skills & equipment.
    I want to suggest a sort of intermediate process, in which each character has one 'active' build (and equipment state), which - like before introduction of templates - is affected by any (manual) changes made to skills & traits. The templates can then work the same as they do now, with the exception that clicking / changing anything on a template doesn't automatically apply the template to the active build. This applying of a template is instead done by an additional button (or the already implemented key-binds), an additional option of 'save current active build to template' would be nice, but isn't even necessary.
    Additional option the active build can be saved separately for each game mode, like it was before templates. (This essentially means that people who use only one build for a given game mode don't need to save it as a template, but if they want to quickly change between two builds within one game mode, they'll need to save both as a template)

    The same process can probably also be applied to equipment, but with some caveats. While it was stated that the devs didn't want to touch inventory code for the templates, I think this mostly applies to taking items out of inventory (since auto-placing stuff into inventory happens all the time with when equipping new equipment or just autoloot). This means that if we have items stored/saved in the current equipment templates, we'd need to add an 'active' slot of actually equipped items. These items can then be exchanged manually from inventory: now the game needs to check if the replaced item (currently located in 'active equipped' is also part of any template (in which case it will got into that 'slot') or not (in which case it goes into inventory, using the same process as ever / before templates).
    This should make quickly changing weapons easy, but won't change the saved templates (and the weapons of the saved templates do NOT go into inventory). People who want to share items between characters can then take a set character-bound armor and save it a template, then manually replace it with items from shared inventory/bank. Once they want to move it back, they just need to load the saved template, which will pop all non-saved but equipped items back into inventory (from where they can be moved to / accessed by other characters).

    Alternative without 'active' builds
    I know that my main suggestion is quite a bit of an addition to the current implementation of the templates.
    My main issue with the current implementation is that builds are not linked to game modes anymore. One hopefully easy way to solve this is allow (manual) linking a given template with a game mode. Then this template will be auto-loaded when entering the associated game mode. (I imagine this a right-click option: where it now says copy /paste /... template; just add the options: Set as default for PvE / PvP / WvW)

  • I have the following suggestions:

    1. It seems to me the build templates are incomplete. You cannot have a build that means something unless it contains both the skills, trait and full equipment specifications. While there is nothing wrong I have seen with skills and traits part of the template it needs to specify the equipment, weapons, infusions, sigils and runes as well. Otherwise it really isn't as useful as it should be, and is clumsy to use. The GW2Skills site is a great example of implementing what I think a build template should be. Combining this with a chat code would be great. The idea of separate build and storage templates per character is a mistake. The per-character Equipment and Build templates should be merged to one template and the Build and Equipment tabs should merely be different views of the same template.

    2. Once equipment is bound to the template it becomes a loadout. That loadout can be stored as an instance of the unified build template on a per character basis. The loadout should include a reference to the original template so that deviations from the template are noted. Changes to the template during creation of the loadout should be supported. A new template should be able to be created from the loadout and storeable in the account template library.

    3. Automatic loading of equipment and build on changing game should be a simple optional setting.

  • Moira Shalaar.5620Moira Shalaar.5620 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 31, 2019

    @Glass Hand.7306 said:
    I have the following suggestions:

    1. It seems to me the build templates are incomplete. You cannot have a build that means something unless it contains both the skills, trait and full equipment specifications. While there is nothing wrong I have seen with skills and traits part of the template it needs to specify the equipment, weapons, infusions, sigils and runes as well. Otherwise it really isn't as useful as it should be, and is clumsy to use. The GW2Skills site is a great example of implementing what I think a build template should be. Combining this with a chat code would be great. The idea of separate build and storage templates per character is a mistake. The per-character Equipment and Build templates should be merged to one template and the Build and Equipment tabs should merely be different views of the same template.

    I agree that being able to associate a build template with an equipment template would be ideal. For example, I have an equipment template for my daredevil that uses a staff, and an equipment template for deadeye that uses a rifle,. Each of those equipment templates demands a different build template, so I end up changing in both places.

    1. Once equipment is bound to the template it becomes a loadout. That loadout can be stored as an instance of the unified build template on a per character basis. The loadout should include a reference to the original template so that deviations from the template are noted. Changes to the template during creation of the loadout should be supported. A new template should be able to be created from the loadout and storeable in the account template library.

    This seems similar to what the previous poster proposed and again I agree that having a single current build that reads from build templates would be better so that changes made aren’t retained unless intentionally chosen to.

    1. Automatic loading of equipment and build on changing game should be a simple optional setting.

    Maybe a drop down on the build template to have the option to associate it to a equipment template?

  • Why are there two merge threads?

  • Delete the arenanet made templates and allow arcdps to have them back.

  • Maybe a drop down on the build template to have the option to associate it to a equipment template?

    The main thing I am after is that the chat string used to post templates for other players should have complete information on how to create the desired equipment, traits and skills. If that's done by creating a link, that would certainly be better than the current situation. I think a link should be required before posting though. A build is not really a build without the complete picture.

  • mortrialus.3062mortrialus.3062 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Going to just echo my feedback and change suggestions from the feedback thread and the reasons why aside from just complaining about the price.


    Overall I'm nowhere near as down as it as other players. I think it needs a number of tweaks.

    1. Implement manual saving for the Build and Equipment templates so that you can make quick minor changes to your build in the moment for certain encounters without having edited the actual template.
    2. Remove the upper limit of the Equipment Template slots in particular.
    3. Separate the PvE, SPvP, and WvW Build and Equipment tabs so that one character can theoretically save 6x PvE Builds Templates, 6x SPvP Build Templates, 6x WvW Build Templates, which will go a huge way towards making gear templates in particular feel far less choking.

    My biggest issue right now is that build templates autosave. It's not so much a template so much as it just saves whatever you were last doing. I would greatly prefer if there was a manual save+load button, because I do often find myself tweaking a build by just a utility or two, or a weapon set, and it would be nice to be able to snap things back to the default by reloading the template.

    I find myself really wishing I had more Equipment templates in particular. While you can go a a looooong way with just the three starter Templates and keeping the rest in storage (See HERE), I STILL feel like I'm choked on gear templates in particular. I could genuinely use more than 10+ of them. Like for my main I was able to fit Diviner's Chrono, Minstrel's Chrono, Viper's Condition Mirage, Raid DPS Chrono, Labyrinth Farm Mirage, a condition WvW build I was working on. But I couldn't fit any sort of power mesmer for WvW. I couldn't fit a boss killer Staff/Staff mirage for soloing group content. I couldn't fit a scepter boonshare chrono for when I'm doing content like Auric Basin where you're fighting structures and phantasms will never become clones because their AI is bugged on certain structures. And when I play Conquest I have a lot of gear I wear for fun to make myself look different for conquest games whenever the mood strikes me and as it is now with autosave I'd be nice to have a tab to tweak my gear between different cosmetic sets I've made without screwing up one of my actual Equipment Templates that actually matter. Either greatly expand or remove the upper limit on these, or add a storage feature similar to build templates.

    I also have to say I do really dislike how we've all lost the free saved builds in WvW and SPvP. I'll always have to dedicate either a built template slot or a storage template going into SPvP and WvW, when before that was saved separately. And WvW is going to need potentially need multiple templates on it's own. I'm personally a bit saddened by that particular loss of convenience and I'll also not looking forward to setting up all my characters for their SPvP builds all over again. I really wish that your full set of SPvP and WvW build templates operated like the old system where they were saved completely separately from your PvE build. So you'd go into WvW and you could customize your six Build Template and Equipment slots completely differently than your PvE templates.

    now the fact that I'm going to have to save a build just for SPvP on all of my different characters and that's actively taking away from the PvE builds I could be saving, and the WvW builds I could be saving, is giving me conniptions.

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  • mortrialus.3062mortrialus.3062 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @PurebladeProductions.4875 said:
    Prior to the addition of build templates, changing game mode would automatically swap you to another build made in that game mode. While those builds were converted to build templates, the auto-swap functionality no longer exists. Since this functionality is no longer present, options on each build template to automatically be swapped to when entering a specified game mode would be great.

    Quick UI mockup using existing icons:

    Image of two examples

    The first example has the terrestrial and aquatic buttons moved down, and a checkbox for each game mode added above those buttons. Checking a game mode's box would cause the build to automatically be loaded when you change to the corresponding game mode, as well as disable the checkbox on other build templates on that character.

    The second example has icons for each game mode in the bar of the template's name instead. The icons would be grayed out by default and become highlighted when selected, with the same functionality as the checkboxes—automatically loading the build when changing to one of the highlighted game modes, and disabling them on other build templates on the same character.

    Being able to check/highlight multiple game modes would allow one build to be automatically equipped in, for example, both WvW and PvP without using up two templates for the exact same build. Checking/highlighting none of the boxes/icons would naturally also be an option.

    The checkboxes/icons would also allow players to see at a glance in which game modes a build would be automatically equipped.

    I don't know how hard it'd be to actually implement, but it'd be great to have this feature return. I just know I'm going to enter WvW with the wrong build at some point and not notice before it's too late...

    This X10000000.

    Best Dressed Memser NA.

    • Make build template free, unlimited amount of build templates one could have, refund anyone who bought it.
    • Monetize equipment template only, increase maximum equipment templates to 30 [Drop-down list interface with search bar to easily navigate].
    • Link build template and equipment template to 1 single keybind so you dont need to press 2 buttons to change build(kinda annoying).
    • On screen templates table contains lists of build templates and equipment templates for those having over 100 builds for each specific situation for their characters and cant bother to keybind every single of them that you can switch to by manually selecting 2.
    • Capability of assigning keybinds for weapon skills, healing utility elite skills, profession skills directly onto each of unique build templates, differentiate from template to template making it easier to play multiple classes without having to change keybinds everytime, also each different template should remember the auto-cast on skill in that specific template.
    • Capability of tagging a specific template that will load automatically when you hop into certain game mode, example a template with pvp tag will always load automatically when you jump into pvp.
    • When swapping template the notification should be [[[Template [ Name ] Activated]]] intead of what it currently is right now, I dont know what is the point of naming template when you dont know what the kitten you swapped to.
      Thats pretty much all Im having problems with right now, I think making the build template free right now is beyond impossible but anyway just want to put my thoughts out there of what it should have been to begin with, hope someone with the power to make a change would read this or as always will be ignored in the forums dark deep abyss when majority of the people are on reddit right now.

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  • DarkRam.1572DarkRam.1572 Member ✭✭
    edited October 31, 2019

    personally the worse part of this patch for me is the auto ejecting of sigils and infusions from legendary items.
    this simply is not a QOL change ,not for me anyway.
    its lead to me NOT equipping any of my legendary weapons to the equipment 'template' im only using that for armour ( non legendary )

    it seems anet dont consider that people like to switch weapons to blast might or give boons before an encounter.
    if those weapons are 'tied' to another build ,the system extracts all the upgrades.
    its saddening when peoples only reply is ' buy more templates' when all you want to do is switch ONE weapon from your build.
    as i said ,its better to just not equip leggy weapons into the template,just have them free in your bags to switch to on the fly depending on the encounter.
    this is NOT a QOL improvement for me ,its created a problem which anet is trying to sell the solution to.

  • As a suggestion, it would be nice to mark a build as my 'active entry build' for a given content type, e. g i can tag one of my builds as my spvp entry build, and one as my wvw entry build, one as my fractal, pve etc etc.

    The game swaps to the flagged build when you first switch into the given content type from another or when you login. Gives same functionality as we had previously, but now we can manage the build anywhere and extend out to fractals etc.

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  • Infusion.7149Infusion.7149 Member ✭✭✭✭

    1. Assignment of a default build and equipment template per gamemode. I have seen people use their PvE builds in WvW and PvP as well as PvE gear in WvW. This is an outright regression.
    ---> Make Armistice Bastion use WvW build + equipment template by default.
    2. Make good on initial claims that builds/equipment are only switchable in keeps/spawn for WvW. Right now you can switch in the middle of nowhere as long as you are out of combat just as before but without any inconvenience in swapping stats.
    3. Preview before saving an equipment "template" when using legendary items : in its current iteration legendary sigils/runes are the most problematic but the stats resetting every time they're removed annoys a lot of people. This is a regression in essence because before this patch when you unequip it saves the stat used.
    ---> For people using exotics/ascended there is no sigil/rune/infusion autoremoval. It's actually far more time saving to use ascended if you use the same gear except for a weapon difference, for example dual axe warrior swapping to Greatsword or hammer or a scepter+warhorn tempest swapping to staff.
    4. Possibly have a stat combination suggestion or note per build template (not the title of the build) for stats used when saving that template if it isn't possible to link equipment with a build template
    5. Some people want to share their legendary accountbound gear across characters via shared inventory or bank, but I'm not sure how this can be implemented in its current iteration given how unequipping resets all stats and completely blanks a "template" of saved state. Typically legendary armor is used on multiple tabs so the unequipping result of resetting stats is a major headache.
    6. Some people want to share their ascended accountbound gear across characters if they have multiple of each class. Right now it is probably possible if only one template uses that gear via unequipping all to shared inventory , where equipping in shared inventory replaces the item with what was in shared inventory.

    1. Make equipment templates purchasable in bulk at a discount : 5 , 10, 15 packs (for 1 extra equipment template per class it is 9 already). 500 gems feels a bit like "price anchoring" for sales. If it didn't store gear as inventory bags do I'd imagine the asking price could be far less.
    2. A bank tab has 30 slots and is 600 gems and holds more data since each item has a different stat or type, why is account build storage so high at 500 gems per 3? It is literally just profession + 3 traitlines + utility skills because it doesn't store stat type, weapon or armor used. Even if someone pays 500 gems they would only be able to have 1 stored build per class right now with the three default ones + 3 extra free ones. There's no reason that this is priced that high since you can't hotkey swap this, resulting in the numerous suggestions to use other forms of storage such as Notepad for Windows users or even guild messages...
    3. Allow for more build templates per character. It's been datamined that there's up to 10 so it's definitely in the works. Build templates are probably only priced the way they are due to hotkey swapping , it's not severely faster than loading from a chatcode otherwise.

    (More when I think of it.)

  • Jethro.9376Jethro.9376 Member ✭✭✭

    When swapping, instead of showing "activating template " (or whatever is says i forgot) make it show the name of the template and merge Build+Equipment so we can swap it with one button!

    This in addition to the general feedback you already recieved (cheaper, account wide, more than 6 equipment tabs, etc)

  • Setz.9675Setz.9675 Member ✭✭✭

    Five words: account wide equipment storage templates.
    The account wide equipment storage template can only be filled with the ''physical'' equipment and characters can load the equipment templates onto their characters with that duplicate icon on it.

    • Build Storage : infinite and free in our HDD's
    • Equipment and Build Templates interface without a need of opening menus or keybind (like weapon set from gw1)
    • Improve the way legendaries are shared between characters
  • IndigoSundown.5419IndigoSundown.5419 Member ✭✭✭✭

    OK, here's a suggestion. It's about process, which is an important part of design. It's also applicable (with some interpretation) for other things going forward as well as for looking at how to adjust templates. If you're contemplating adding/changing a QoL system, have your goal be "improving the game experience for all (or at least most) players."

    An initial meeting about an official template system should have started with the following. "OK, so we've been allowing players to use a third party build and equipment template system. Let's look at what that system does and figure out how we can improve the player experience for those players. If we hit that mark, our system is very likely to also improve the game for players who don't use the third party system."

    If that was done... well, you missed the mark, badly.

    Finally, if you are interested in fixing the system, the idea of improving the overall game experience compared to the status quo from two months ago for the biggest target market for a template system would be a good place to start, also.

    It's just a thought.

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  • otto.5684otto.5684 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I suggest they are removed. We had “more” templates before the actual build templates were implemented. One build per game mode that switched automatically less weapons.

    Unless the point is take away the existing feature and resell to us.

  • Acheron.4731Acheron.4731 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Please just add an option to opt out

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  • BadHealer.3608BadHealer.3608 Member ✭✭✭

    How about you call the loadouts loadouts? No need to call them templates, when they don't act like templates.

  • Itz Jay.8941Itz Jay.8941 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 3, 2019

    1) Combine the build and equipments together so that we have full builds that load up everything you need from equipment to traits and utilities in one click.

    2) Make PvE, PvP and WvW templates separate from each other somehow so that they automatically load the last used when changing through the maps.

    3) Make PvP templates save sigils, runes and everything else fully (see above as well)

    4) Add the option for a one off purchase for unlimited use of build templates. I would happily pay a one off fee but will not be purchasing any build templates whatsoever otherwise.

    5) Make the amount of build templates you can have to at least 10-15.

    6) Rename the options to simple things like loadouts, load template, save template.

    7) Add an ability to change templates other than the one currently equipped.

    Overall, the design needs to be very similar to the arc templates. It needs to be simple and easy and fast to use, no need to over-complicate things and separate builds from equipment and things. Just easy loadouts that can be loaded up in one click.

    The most important thing though is to add a one of payment to build templates for what should be obvious reasons. I would sooner pay the price of an expansion for unlimited use than pay for separate builds in the game. There then needs to be refunds for all previous templates purchased.

  • sostronk.8167sostronk.8167 Member ✭✭✭

    I am not sure if I am doing it wrong, but it seems like templates are severely bugged right now. They seem like more of a hindrance than a useful tool. Maybe should have waited until they were functioning correctly?

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  • Dante.1508Dante.1508 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 3, 2019

    I'm finding it hard to make more than one build per class because so many weapons and builds are terrible.. They nerfed so much i can find more than one build.