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Mount select upgrade

So now that I've run around with the mounts I find there's one problem that makes them not as fluid as they should be. The multi-select for mounts is clunky and many times just trying to hit the small cycle edge is not compatible with rushed action. So here's three seperate suggestions that could help with this problem.

1: Put the mounts by type above the buffs on the skill bar, since this section of the bar is not used for actions it would be a good place to set five icons.

2: Put a small grid at the end of the skillbar instead of the single button icon again by mount.

3: Allow right click to access menu on mount icon.

First two could in theory allow you to change mounts without the added dismount before selecting the new mount which would allow a bit more seamless interaction.


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    edited October 10, 2017

    You know you can ignore the menu button and assign each mount to its own keybind right? It makes switching on the fly 10x easier than any ui interface improvements (for me anyway). Personally i use spare mouse buttons, but there are tons of quickfire options across the keyboard

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  • Key binds do help. It will take some time to get used to.

  • Yeah each mount can be given it's own mount keybind which makes things easy and simple.

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