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ART CHALLENGE! Charr, Norn!!

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In the old forums I started an art challenge to help bombard the devs with designs we want. It seemed to have impact.

I want to do so again, for charr and norn.
Draw away!
Tattoos, horns, fur patterns, hairstyles, beards for norn, shoulderspikes for charr,.

And cultural armours!

Since I dont have no time, nor the tools for drawing atm I'll put up with a description:...
Id like stag-horn inspired horns for charr. Slender, less dog like, male charr faces (similar to Bangars). I also want dread/braided hairstyles for charr (not huge this time) preferably with beads/decoration.


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    Conan the barbarian is very "norm" style.
    NOTE: this art is not mine. heres the author page. i posted here just to inspire some ideas.

    main pvp: Khel the Undead(power reaper).

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    Just putting a note here so I can link back to this thread later. I will start drawing stuff over the weekend.

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    @Thornwolf.9721 by the six! nice collection is hard to say which is the best. specially the first one fit in a some "enchanted norm berserker".

    the last one did just reminded me of this:

    main pvp: Khel the Undead(power reaper).

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    some surprisingly good norn art here needs more charr tho :)

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    @ugrakarma.9416 said:
    @Thornwolf.9721 by the six! nice collection is hard to say which is the best. specially the first one fit in a some "enchanted norm berserker".

    the last one did just reminded me of this:

    Thank you, I've been stocking up because of the novel Im writing involves alot of norse/celtic stuff in it. I needed to find Idea's and inspiration and these were helpful but the more I studied the more I learned that the norn are sorely lacking in GW2. I really, really, really hope they beef them up and make them feel cooler than they have for the past seven or so years. In Gw1 I remember the first time I went to a shrine and asked for the buff, and he wanted to fight me for it. I was like "Sure, whatever big guy" and then he turned into a werebear. Coming from the heels of Diablo 2 with their druid I lost my collective kitten, and from then on I wanted to play one with all my heart and wished they would be playable.

    Then came the guild wars 2 trailer, where they showcased they would be playable. And once more I was like a chimpanzee on cocaine, I was so hyped and almost all the characters I play are norn (Some being charr but its rare.) But I was dissapointed pretty much from the moment the game launched due to how they were handled, Im hoping they will fix this in the saga. Because the norn out of ALL THE RACES need the most love going forward to make them more than just "Big humans with tats" because thats how people see them. It's also how they are represented, we need more for them and need more cool norn only cosmetics with more option such as longer beards, hairs. Maybe the ability to cosmetically enter beast form whenever we go into combat and its based around the animal you choose in the beginning; They could remove the racials if they gave me something like that. I wouldn't mind in the slightest~

    Here's to a new day for the norn, hopefully a better one ! <3

    ( side note I love Heilung <3 so that made me smile.)

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    How do i get a sketch here (from penup)?