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This Healing turret kitten really isn't working!!

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Why is it that healing turret is not releasing the water field but just the intial small heal?? It is so frustrating when I am against 2 ppl and when I want to use the bloody turret it doesn't release the water field, no way I am pressing it so fast that I just blast without the water field, impossible. I could do it before, almost magically it's changed, have anet changed the cd or something? Anyway probably my 2nd time posting about this, any help would be nice. Feels like a bloody gamble to heal. Btw this never happens in pvp only wvw. TY


  • The initial small heal happens when summoning the turret, but the water field happens when the turret does its overcharge.

    Turrets are no longer instructed directly by players to do their overcharge. They will do it on their own after being summoned. So you have to wait for the server to tell them to do it, which happens once every second or so. If you use the detonation before a whole second passes, you may break it before it can use the skill.