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Blizzard stole the CC breakbar thing



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    Too bad mmo's didn't "borrow" all the great things from each and put them all into one game. Games still release with no lfg or a dozen other basic ideas and then get added as qol later on

    LFG destroyed the wow community. They actually even recently commented on this becuase it's one of the success's of classic wow, that people actually have to work together and be SOCIABLE again and be nice to each other. Not just que up in LFG, start screaming after the first pull and call everyone names and rage quit and just que up in the LFG again.

    WoW was never that sociable. Sure LFG enabled some jerks, but the social was full of them from the start.

    it was back before the lfg since you could only team with people on your server so if you were an kitten you got left out of end game groups.

    Sure, we had a minor group of folks who would group up plus a large excluded majority. Not so clear who the jerks were then.

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    Blizz steals a lot of things. Just from GW2, they stole:
    Group bosses / tagless kills (starting with Timeless Isle)
    Material storage
    (Sad attempts at) level-less zones
    Wardrobe systems

    And what did GW2 get out of it?
    WoW definitely got the better end of the deal.

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