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Ideal PvP Power Level

Khalisto.5780Khalisto.5780 Member ✭✭✭

What's the build you play/know that has the ideal power level?

I've been play core FA and I think the build super balanced and fun, I think if all builds were around that power level game would be healthier and more fun to play

But they would have to tune down every meta build in -20% dmg/sustain at least


  • You could tune meta builds down by 75% core fa still wouldn't be good.

    ~ God Tier Guardian

  • DaShi.1368DaShi.1368 Member ✭✭✭

    Preferably something under 9000

  • The worst builds are the most balanced. Core ele, core engi, druid, tempest, renegade, reaper, etc. They have reasonable power levels with significant tradeoffs.

  • Obviously DH

  • Swagg.9236Swagg.9236 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Core staff Elementalist. No arcane utilities allowed aside from Shield. FA relies on LoS jumping and twitchy, tab-target combat. Therefore, it falls into that black abyss of gameplay cycles that are so shallow that they either end up being wholly too effective for the minimal effort involved or are utterly worthless just to prevent them from harassing the entire game's PvP population. Having to predict opponent movement in order to use ward walls and fight with attack intervals of 1s+ is what makes core staff ele the ideal power level.

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