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Skills endpoint doesn't indicate split facts

Leablo.2651Leablo.2651 Member ✭✭✭
edited November 7, 2019 in API Development

As seen in this example:

When a skill has split facts the API simply returns multiple objects with otherwise identical labeling. I might assume by convention that the first copy of the fact is for PvE, but this is not explicit in the actual response, nor is there an indication that it is split at all, this has to either be assumed or referenced by checking in game. Now that the balance team has more leeway to make changes specific to PvP and/or WvW some more clarity will be needed. As necessary, please either modify labeling of the response data to indicate mode variations when different from PvE, or refactor the response to produce separate fact arrays for each mode.


  • WeAreTwO.9780WeAreTwO.9780 Member ✭✭

    I want to remind to that problem, as it is a major problem when dealing with skill and trait facts. We can't simply use the first one for PvE, because sometimes the 2nd fact actually is the correct PvE fact:

    Also a general order flag would be great. The facts from the api seem random.

  • I guess this is another thing on the list that will never be fixed. It makes it very difficult to use the API as I have to hard code a dictionary of all ID's to their mode/environment