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NA | Shiny Mayhem [SM] is Recruiting! Farming✶Trains✶Raffles✶Events!

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“Ya bring me something??”

Hello and welcome to the Shiny Mayhem [SM] guild page! This is post that will hold all info about our guild!

What is the guild about?
Shiny Mayhem is all about coming together as a community and finding rare, valuable shinies. We host farming maps and a daily infusion train + much more. We believe that community events are very important and are always in the works with creating new ways to interact with our guild and players. We encourage everyone to stay active and help others when needed.
Weekly raffles!
We host a daily infusion at reset as well so we hope to see you there o7

What’s coming in the future?
We have lots of events planned for the future and are excited to bring them to you guys~ We are looking to work with other guilds to have more activities and make things overall more EPIC!

We also have a 15% waypoint discount~

If you have any questions or want to join just let us know!
Leave a comment if you'd like as well!

Shiny Leadership:
Allytria • Leader • Allytria.6734
Micajah/Cjosh • Leader • cjosh.4598
Roboplunger/Luke • Leader • RoboPlunger.7654
Jenna • Officer • Thief Jenna.3760
Auri • Officer • Bianca Nightshade.2340


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